Raffle Opens Now - Limited-Edition “Bootyboop” Prints by Dark Humor Cartoonist Joan Cornellà

The craze for Spanish artist Joan Cornellà shows no sign of dying down. Picking up from the launch of his Bootyboop figure and rug, the Spanish artist is once again in collaboration with AllRightsReserved, a Hong Kong-based creative studio, for the limited-edition prints.

The online raffle opens now until January 18, at 12am (EST) / 1pm (HKT) on DDT Store website, for the 100 lucky ones to snap up a set of three Bootyboop giclée prints, each given a different colorway. 


Bootyboop Set of Three Giclée Prints | HK$14,130 (US$1,822)

Giclée print archival textured paper

Diameter: 550 mm each

Edition of 100 | Signed and numbered


The Barcelona-born artist is known for his uses of eyebrow-raising satire to comment on the bleak side of human nature as well as a range of social and political themes.

Jumping out of his signature comic strips, Bootyboop is one of the most instantly recognizable characters on the artist’s social media platforms, which attracted nearly eight million followers. The cheek-splitting grins (pun intended) are on the face of the character, in his bright yellow suit, and his behind.


Bronze sculpture of the same design, at "My Life Is Pointless" exhibition


Bootyboop is also featured in the artist’s “My Life Is Pointless” exhibition at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, as one of the 48 works, including life-sized panels, bronze sculptures, and a selection of limited print works, all pointing to his iconic dark humor. 

“It seems this surreal black humor resonates well with the times we live in. Although, as I always say, I’d like my work to speak for itself, and I hope to keep interpretations as open as possible to allow for some sort of critical thinking,” said Cornellà in his previous interview with us


SK Lam, founder of AllRightsReserved (left) and Joan Cornellà (right)


“Bootyboop Set of Three Giclée Prints” raffle registration details:

Dates: Now until January 18, 2021

Time: 12am (EST) | 1pm (HKT)

Website: ddtstore.com

Successful entrants will be notified via email by January 18 with purchase details. Shipping begins in February, subject to delay due to COVID-19.