US Embassies to Sell 1,200 Toilet Rolls in Online Auction

US embassies have launched an auction online. If you are expecting items like souvenirs, flags, photographs or silverware up for sale, you will be disappointed. On the list are items that even the embassy spokesman described as ‘probably a bit above bog standard’.

1,200 toilet rolls

A Bosch circular saw

US embassies that are based in Ankara, London, Adana, Kyiv, Lisbon, Yerevan, Stockholm and Belgrade are selling off their surplus property and unwanted office goods through an online auction.

Let us take a look at items on offer. Lot no.1 is 1,200 toilet rolls, with an opening bid of £100 (US$131). The price has now risen to £147 (US$192) after 18 bid increments.

A broken vacuum cleaner

Barcode scanners and chargers

A white ceramic lamp (no shade) and stacking chairs

There are also a Bosch circular saw (£59), seven barcode scanners and five chargers (£75; US$99), repairable Dyson vacuum cleaners (£12-50; US$15.75-65.6), 22 stacking chairs (£70; US$92), a white ceramic lamp with no shade (£120; US$158), and bookcases (£51; US$67).

Moving on to Ankara, electric appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, dryer and microwave oven are sold in a group at £450 - 1375 (US$590-1804). Sounds like a bargain? Take a look at the note in the description first: Not Working! Some parts have to be changed.

A group of electric appliances but they are not working


Maybe many of you find buying second-hand electric appliances acceptable. What about second-hand mattresses? The bidding of a four second-hand queen mattress started at £200 (US$262.5). Yet, no one has offered any bid so far.

If you want to own a piece of something from the US embassies, click here to bid online.