HKAGA Re-energises Hong Kong's Art Scene with Large-scale Exhibition ' UNSCHEDULED' at Tai Kwun

Springtime is usually the blooming season for art events, but unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them have been cancelled. As the spread of the virus has slowed down significantly in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) has announced their large-scale exhibition titled 'UNSCHEDULED' to re-energise Hong Kong's art scene. The exhibition, which will take place from 17 to 27 June 2020 at Tai Kwun, is a showcase of 12 Hong Kong galleries with a focus on Asian modern and contemporary art.  

Tai Kwun

UNSCHEDULED is a platform for selling and networking that exhibits solo presentations from HKAGA gallery members. Upholding Hong Kong's unique place as the art centre in Asia, UNSCHEDULED's scope is rooted in a commitment to creativity emerging from the continent.

The pandemic has forced artists, collectors, galleries and art lovers to bottle up their thirst for art events as most exhibitions and auctions are cancelled. UNSCHEDULED has works that are priced from US$3,000 to US$40,000, appealing to all levels of collectors.

Although the spread of the coronavirus in Hong Kong is currently in control, we should not let our guard down. HKAGA has implemented measures like timed ticketing to avoid overcrowding and unnecessary risk, and UNSCHEDULED will adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the Hong Kong government. You can also purchase the tickets in advance here

A proportion of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be distributed back to the participating galleries and also donated to local charity partner HandsOn Hong Kong to support the relief efforts of those most affected by the impact of COVID-19.

Here are a few of the artists featured in UNSCHEDULED: 

Some Kind of Frog Dialogue 1, Frog King Kwok, 2019 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Frog Strike, Frog King Kwok, 2019 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

10 Chancery Lane Gallery presents works by the 'Frog King'- Kwok Mang HoKwok is often dubbed to be the most eccentric and unconventional Hong Kong artist. He devoted the past 30-year in pursuing his art and having them extended to his companions and the public. While often labeled as contemporary arts fanatic, Kwok has a strong foundation in traditional arts such that Chinese ink ages and calligraphy are his specialties.

The Frog King has merged Western and Asian culture in his art by creating the 'Sandwich Font', a hybrid between the English language and the Chinese language. The sense of unbound freedom with chaotic expressions and spontaneous spirits is fully reflected in Kwok’s works, bringing about a very unique personal style in the art community.

Never Knows Sleep, Aruta Soup, 2020 | L+ / Lucie Chang Fine Arts

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is presenting works by Japanese artist Aruta Soup. The artist moved to London to study Illustration when he was 17. He is known for mixing animation culture, UK-specific black jokes and street culture in his paintings and graffiti. In each work, he opens a dialogue on timely issues, both of the society and people’s psychological status.

The rabbits that appear frequently on his works are reflections of the complex, chaotic and violent world he is living in, as well as forms of his soul, wounded yet desires a rebirth. In an interview with The Value, the artist explained that tragedies exist everywhere in this day and age which makes it hard for him to paint positive subjects. The rabbit is a representation of himself. 

Your World, Liu Bolin, 2014 | Over The Influence

Pharmacy, Liu Bolin, 2013 | Over The Influence

Over the Influence is going to present works by the Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin. Known as the “Invisible Man”, Liu Bolin has become internationally recognized for developing a unique visual composition that exemplifies the relationship between contemporary life and the urban environment. His photographs seem to be only of unique locations – a rack of Mexican wrestling masks for sale or a pile of municipal waste. On closer inspection, an outline of a man appears, precisely painted in camouflage and hiding in the open.

METROPOLIS NO.5, Zhang Gong, 2016 | Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery

Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery will present paintings by the Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Gong. As early in the 1990s, Zhang's paintings gained recognition from the Chinese contemporary art world after being exhibited at various important exhibitions worldwide. He is also one of the pioneers in making hand-painted animated films in China.

Zhang's distinctive painting style is rooted in surrealism and pop culture. Drawing inspiration from a panoply of American and Japanese cartoons, as well as the urban environments of city spaces, Zhang’s work also encompasses animation and photography.

Other featured works: 

Azalea, Ng Chung, 2019 | Contemporary by Angela Li

Temptation by brushing past020, Etsu Egammi, 2020 | Whitestone Gallery

Home Sweet Home: Flower Pool, Mak Ying Tung 2, 2020 | de Sarthe

Vertical Gradient #1, Chou Yu-Cheng, 2019 | Edouard Malingue Gallery

Stroke-Silver, Duan Yifan, 2020 | Leo Gallery

The Coma, Heman Chong, 2012 | Rossi & Rossi

Woven Clay, Kitty Chou, 2012 | Ben Brown Fine Arts

Universe is My Mind, Irene Chou, 2007 | Hanart TZ Gallery

Exhibition details

Exhibition period: 17-27 June 2020
Preview day: 17 June 2020 | 2pm - 10pm
Public days: 18-26 June 2020 | 12pm -7pm
Closing day: 27 June 2020 | 12pm – 6pm

Location: Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central
Duplex Studio | LG1/F & LG2/F, Block 01

Adult: HK$80
Concessions (Full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above and people with disabilities and their minders): HK$40
Under 12s: free admission

Tickets can be purchased through