Tang Contemporary Art Announces Its First Exhibition in H Queen’s Hong Kong

Tang Contemporary Art became the first gallery to move into H Queen’s — Hong Kong’s new art centre designed especially for galleries — after making its grand opening on 20 December. To make a strong presence with its first step in Hong Kong, Tang Contemporary Art presents a new exhibition titled “Huang Yongping & Shen Yuan — Hong Kong Foot”.

The title of the exhibition “Hong Kong Foot”, a Chinese colloquial name for a fungal infection of the foot, reflects the artists’ interest in Hong Kong’s regional politics. Huang Yongping has pointed out that “Hong Kong’s greatest weapon is giving the events or things it infects with Hong Kong’s characteristics.”

The exhibition showcases three new works by Huang Yongping, as well as his partner Shen Yuan’s Yellow Umbrella/Parasol. They are two of today's most widely recognized and influential conceptual artists.

Left: Huang Yongping; right: Shen Yuan

Huang Yongping, Paris-based Chinese artist, has shown in major exhibitions and museums around the world for the last two decades. He represented France in the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999. His work The Theater of the world is currently shown in New York's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Shen Yuan lives and works in Paris since 1990. Her work reflects broadly on cultural and political realities, covering issues such as workers (including women workers and childlaborers), slums, and cultural conflict. When making art, she often employs sociological methods.

In Les Consoles de Jeu Souveraines, we see what looks to be an amusement park, with animals and puppets, as well as revolving decorations and what looks like a topographical map of Hong Kong and more than twenty surrounding islands. The revolving horses imply “The ‘Ruler’ as a soul in a national machine.”


H.K/La Peau de Chagrin is a donkey skin covered in Arab symbols, draws its inspiration from Balzac’s novel.

Shen Yuan’s similarly explores the changeability of urban space and the pervasive crises that lie beneath apparent calm in The Yellow Umbrella/Parasol.

Huang Yongping, Wax Seal

The H Queen’s was designed by CL3, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm based in Hong Kong. Besides Tang Contemporary Art, the building has also attracted renowned galleries around the world to tap into Hong Kong market, including David Zwirner, Whitestone Gallery, Pace Gallery and Seoul Auction.


Huang Yongping & Shen Yuan | Joint Exhibition “Hong Kong Foot”

Date: 20/12/2017 – 27/1/2018
Venue: 10th Floor, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays|11am - 7pm
Enquiries: +852 2682 8289
Free Admission