The Only Complete Set of Supreme Skate Decks Up for Auction for US$800,000

Ryan Fuller, a Supreme superfan, spent a decade to assemble the complete set of Supreme skateboard decks that includes all 248 decks produced by Supreme from 1998-2018. Now the complete archive is going up for auction at Sotheby’s, estimated to sell for US$800,000-1.2m.

Ryan Fuller

Fuller has been an avid collector of sneakers back in the 90s in high school. He had some friends who worked at Supreme and he started collecting Supreme when they opened their store in Los Angeles in 2005.

He didn’t start collecting decks until 2008. To form the complete collection, besides those he bought at retails, he embarked on a constant search for those released before 2008 and acquired those from various collectors around the world. He completed the collection in 2017.

Ryan Fuller’s complete set of Supreme skateboard decks

Ryan Fuller’s complete set of Supreme skateboard decks

Ryan Fuller’s complete set of Supreme skateboard decks

Ryan Fuller’s complete set of Supreme skateboard decks

“It represents a full range of decks including general releases, extremely limited artist’s collaborations, and both the recalled (unofficial) Louis Vuitton monogram print decks from the year 2000 and the official Louis Vuitton collaboration deck and trunk from 2017,” said Fuller.

The archive features two sets that chart Supreme’s relationship with Louis Vuitton - from instigator to collaborator. In 2000, Supreme released an unauthorized set of three Louis Vuitton monogram decks, which were recalled after only two weeks when the luxury brand threatened legal action due to copyright infringement. Fuller said the last one in the recalled decks was tough to get. He secured the piece with the help from his friend in Japan.

In 2017, with the rise of streetwear as a major fashion inspiration, the two brands collaborated on the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection. The official Louis Vuitton collaboration deck in 2017 retailed at US$56,000, which was also the highest price Fuller paid for a single item. Fortunately for Fuller, who had been shopping at Louis Vuitton for years, he was able to pre-order it before it even released.

The complete set is now offered at Sotheby’s online sale. It will close on 26 January 2019 at 1 am (HKT). For those who want to get their hands on the coveted collection, go to the official website.

Below are some highlights picked out by our editorial team from Fuller’s collection.

KAWS chum decks, signed by KAWS. 2001. Set of Two

George Condo Decks, 2010. Set of three

Jeff Koons decks, 2008, set of three

Takashi Murakami decks, 2007, set of three

Damien Hirst "Spin" Decks, 2009, set of three

Kermit the Frog Decks, 2008, set of three

Last Supper Decks, 2002, set of six

Larry Clark Decks, 2005, set of two

Bruce Lee Deck, 2013, set of one

20th Anniversary Box Logo Deck, 2014, set of one

Check out the official video of "Supreme Meets Sotheby's: The Complete Collection of Skateboard Decks".