Star Wars Boba Fett Figure Sells for Record-Breaking US$112,926

A Boba Fett action figure fetched US$112,926 including buyer's premium at Hake's Auctions last Thursday, setting a new world auction record for a Star Wars toy. The figure was a prototype toy which was not mass produced due to a choking hazard for children, making it one of the rarest in the market. 

The Boba Fett action figure was sold for US$112,926, a world auction record price for a Star Wars toy

The 3.75 inch rocket-firing figure was from Kenner's popular 1979 Star Wars toyline. Hake's officials stated that the toy was expected to be released in 1980 for the Star Wars sequel “The Empire Strikes Back". The figure was put on display at the 1979 New York Toy Fair but it never made its way into the market as it was pulled from the line due to a choking hazard for children.

The figure depicts Boba Fett, a human male bounty hunter from the Star Wars trilogy

The figure is a prototype and is extremely rare as it was never mass-produced

The present lot had an estimated price of US$75,000 - 100,000 and received 12 bids at Hake's online auction on 11 July. According to Hake's officials, the previous auction record for a Star Wars toy was also held by them, which is US$26,000 less than the current record. In January 2015, another Boba Fett figure of the same model was sold by Vectis auction in the UK for £18,000 (US$22,622).