Spider Man's Marvel NFT Collectibles sold for more than US$4 million and Captain America is in pipeline

60,500 Spider Man NFT Collectibles launched by Marvel Entertainment and Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited are sold out, totalling more than US$4 million in profit. There are five different digital statues of Spider Man in the new venture, first official NFT sale of the Marvel superhero on August 7. The digital statues ranged from the lowest priced at US$40 dollars each to the highest priced at US$400 dollars each.  

Future sales

Following this sale, there will be other Marvel NFT content in August, of which VeVe named it “Marvel Month.” A “blind box” series of Captain America NFTs that highlight Steve Rodgers (Captain America), Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), Sam Wilson (Falcon), John F. Walker (US Agent) and the Red Skull (super villain, Captain America’s archenemy). Each digital figure will have a different level of rarity and will also be sold in a blind box format for US$13 dollars. 

Steve Rodgers (Captain America) and Sam Wilson (Falcon) are featured as Common series with 28,888 on sale. John F Walker (US Agent) is featured as Uncommon, with 18,888 units. Finally, Bucky Barnes is part of the Rare series, with 11,888 units and Red Skull is Ultra-Rare with 4,888 units. 

Marvel's NFT digital figure, Steve Rodgers (Captain America) 

Marvel's NFT digital figure, Sam Wilson (Falcon)

Five different NFT versions of “Marvel Comics #1,” the very first comic book from 1939, including characters such as Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch will also feature in the “blind box”. Each version will have a different cover and different level of rarity. It will be offered in a “blind box” format for US$6.99. They will also be sold in August as part of the "Marvel Month" franchise. 

Blind boxes means that collectors discover limited-edition assets. Each content is kept mysterious to increase the level of fun for buyers. 

01) COMMON – Spider-Man – The Amazing Spider-Man. Animated image 

02) UNCOMMON – Spider-Man – Hangin' Out. Animated image

Sell Summary

  • The first type is called Common –The Amazing Spider Man and sold 32,000 pieces for US$40 dollars each, totalling US$1.28 million dollars.
  • The second type is called Uncommon – Hanging’ Out. It sold 16,000 pieces for US$50 dollars each, totalling US$800,000 dollars.
  • The third type is called Rare – Jump Into Action. It sold 9,000 pieces for US$100 dollars each, totalling US$900,000 dollars.
  • The fourth type is called Ultra-Rare. It sold 2,500 pieces for US$250 dollars each, totalling US$625,000 dollars.
  • The final and fifth type is called Secret-Rare. It sold 1,000 pieces for US$400 dollars each, totalling US$400,000 dollars.

The prices were sold using gems. 1 gem is equivalent to US$1 dollar. The Spider Man NFT Collectibles are re-sold on the VeVe App platform.

03) RARE – Spider-Man – Jump Into Action. Animated image

04) ULTRA-RARE – Spider-Man – Animated. Animated image

05) SECRET-RARE – Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated. Animated image


Spider Man is one of Marvel Universe’s most legendary superheroes. So there was no better way to start the global digital collectibles experience with VeVe, said David Buckley, President of Marvel Entertainment. Buckley also stated that the global entertainment firm is eager to launch even more exciting drops of other Marvel characters to avid fans in August and beyond.

Global brands and superstars ventured into the NFT market earlier in the year – namely Coca-Cola, football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and designer brand Louis Vuitton with their Louis the Game.