Sotheby’s Zhang Daqian Exhibition Commemorates the 120th Birthday Anniversary of the Chinese Master

Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) is one of the most popular and prestigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century. Renowned for his splashed-ink landscapes, Zhang was dubbed the “Picasso of the East”. In celebration of the 120th anniversary of Zhang Daqian’s birthday, a large-scale solo exhibition is currently held in Sotheby’s Hong Kong.

Zhang Daqian: The Master exhibition

Zhang Daqian: The Master exhibition

Zhang Daqian: The Master exhibition

Zhang Daqian: The Master exhibition

Entitled Zhang Daqian: The Master, the exhibition runs from 12 October to 9 November, featuring nearly 60 paintings sourced from the artist’s family and private collectors around the world. Co-organised by Xi Zhi Tang Gallery, the exhibition encompasses important works from different periods of the artist’s oeuvre, with an emphasis on splashed ink paintings, many of which have been featured in major exhibitions and some have never before seen in public.

Pink Lotus on Gold Screen, Splashed Ink and Colour on Gold Screen, 1973, 178 x 180cm

Recluse in the Summer Mountains, Splashed ink and colour on paper, six panel screen, 1968, 157 x 359cm

One of the highlighted exhibits is a four-meter six-panel screen, which was given by Zhang to his daughter, Chang Sing Shen, as her wedding gift.

Chang recollected, “During the several months before I left Brazil to get married, I noticed that Father was sad. Although Father and I remain close, Father looked serious and hardly smiled, whether he was painting or talking with me, which was not like before. Father intended to give me this screen before I left Pa Te Yuan, but Father could not bring himself to finish the screen before I left. Maybe Father hoped that by delaying its completion, I would change my mind and stay in Pa Te Yuan with Father. I understood Father’s sadness, but I did not know how to comfort him. Perhaps I was too young to find the right words. Father did not finish the screen before I left for the United States. About a month later, my brother brought the screen for my wedding.”

Landscape in Splashed Ink, Splashed Ink on Paper, Framed, 1965, 158 x 70 cm

For those who would like to visit the show, please take note that it is divided into two parts. There will be a switch of paintings on exhibit. Part I is currently on view from 12 - 25 October and part II will be on view from 26 October to 9 November.

 Zhang Daqian: The Master

Dates: 12 October - 9 November 2019
Monday to Friday|10am - 6pm
Saturday|11am - 5pm 
Closed on Sunday and public holiday
Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, 5/F, One Pacific Place, Admiralty
Enquiries: (852) 2822 5566