A 10.64-Carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond Sells for HK$155m

A 10.64-carat fancy vivid purplish pink diamond sold for HK$155m (US$19.76m) at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, making it the fourth item that reached the HK$100m benchmark this auction season in Hong Kong.

A 10-64 carat fancy vivid purplish pink diamond sold for HK$155m

According to the GIA report, the diamond weighing 10.64 carats is in D colour, displaying an exceptional transparency that typifies a Type IIa gem, which represents less than 2% of all diamonds mined. It has been afforded the grade of internally flawless gem, and to describe it as ‘crystal’ would be an accurate description. The exceptional size of the diamond was achieved as a result of precise polishing down to 0.01 carat, in order to preserve as much weight as possible whilst producing a flawless clarity.

Diamonds, unlike some gems that occur in a limited range of colours, comes in a wide spectrum of rainbow hues. However, most diamonds form in the colourless range, or with tints of brown and yellow. It is extremely rare for a diamond to embrace the vibrant, attractive colours of pink, blue, red, green or violet. Diamonds that are over 10 carats are rare for colourless diamonds – but even rarer for coloured diamonds. In 2002, GIA conducted a data analysis on over 1,400 pink diamonds – and only 1% of all the pink diamonds that was graded was bigger than 10 carats. The fact that this fancy vivid purplish pink diamond weighs 10.64 carats is an astonishing marvel.

The diamond was hammered down at HK$135m, below its estimate of HK$150m-200m, and sold for HK$155m after premium.

An 80.88 carat emerald cut diamond failed to sell

A 11.88-carat ruby and diamond ring, mounted by Raymond Yard failed to sell

Although the sale raked in a total of HK$300m, the overall performance fell short of expectation with numerous premium lots failed to find a new buyer. Bought-in items include an 80.88 carat emerald cut diamond (est: HK$78m-100m), a 11.88-carat ruby and diamond ring (est: 44m-64m), a jadeite bead and diamond necklace (est: HK$25m-32m), and a pair of unmounted diamonds weighing 11.28 carats and 11.24 carats respectively (est: HK$21.5m-28m).

The second top lot of the sale was a Dunhuang pipa necklace with a 100.02-carat yellow diamond which fetched HK$45.34m (US$5.8m). Designed by Chinese haute joaillerie artist Anna Hu for modern-day women who appreciate intricate designs with a versatile twist, the Dunhuang pipa necklace is transformable into a brooch and an earring. Hu took inspiration from an imagery of a lady playing the pipa depicted on the Dunhuang murals.

The pipa can be detached from the necklace and used as a brooch or an earring. The piece centred upon a cushion-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 100.02 carats, embellished with variously shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds.

A Dunhuang pipa necklace sold for HK$45.38m

A 100.02-carat fancy intense yellow diamond

The pipa can be detached from the necklace

Anna Hu

Under Sotheby's special commission for a collaboration, Anna Hu designed the Silk Road Collection featuring five jewellery pieces inspired by the musical and cultural exchanges that took place in the Silk Road - an ancient trade route connecting the East and West dating back thousands of years. All five pieces were successfully sold.

The third top lot was a diamond pendant necklace set with a pear-shaped diamond weighing 15.08 carats, which was sold for HK$9.17m after premium. Top three lots were all hammered down at prices below their presale estimates.

Conch Pearl, Gem Set and Diamond Brooch, Blue Magpie sold for HK$2m

Jadeite, Diamond and Pink Sapphire Brooch, Cello sold for HK$2.18m

Top three lots

A Rare and Exquisite Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

Lot no.: 1820

  • Set with a cut-cornered rectangular mixed-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond weighing 10.64 carats
  • mounted in 18 karat white and pink gold
  • Size: 5¼

Estimate: HK$150,000,000 - 200,000,000
Hammer price: HK$135,000,000
Price realised: HK$155,831,000

An Impressive Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Necklace, Designed by Anna Hu

Lot no.: 1713

  • centring upon a cushion-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 100.02 carats
  • mounted in 18 karat white and yellow gold
  • pipa detachable and can be worn as pendant/brooch
  • a section of necklace can be detached and worn as single earring
  • signed Anna Hu
  • necklace length approximately 440mm
  • post and hinged back fitting for earring

Estimate: HK$40,000,000 - 50,000,000
Hammer price: HK$38,000,000
Price realised: HK$45,348,000

Diamond Pendant Necklace

Lot no.: 1815

  • Set with a pear-shaped diamond weighing 15.08 carats
  • mounted in 18 karat white gold
  • length approximately 635mm
  • two extra links each length approximately 25mm

Estimate: HK$7,600,000 - 10,000,000
Hammer price: HK$7,500,000
Price realised: HK$9,175,000

Auction summary

Auction house: Sotheby’s Hong Kong
Sale Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Sale date: 7 October 2017
Sale total: HK$HK$300,781,500