Cartier’s ‘Tutti-Frutti’ Bracelet to Lead Sotheby’s Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale

At the media preview for Jewels and Jadeite sale, Sotheby’s showcases the sale highlights: a ‘King of Gems” ruby in the colour of ‘pigeon blood’, a flawless diamond weighing 31.98 carats, and the leading lot of the sale, Cartier’s Tutti-Frutti’ bracelet.

The model first presents a classic ‘Tutti-Frutti’ bracelet designed by Pierre Cartier for Queen Alexandra. The Tutti Frutti jewels blossomed with ripe Mughal fruits and foliage, each individual piece an intricately carved sapphire, ruby or emerald, intertwined with a ribbon of diamonds. Created when Art Deco was at its peak, the ‘Tutti-Frutti’ bracelet is estimated to fetch HK$10.5m-14m.

A ruby designed and mounted by Bhagat is in a colour of ‘pigeon blood’, a desirable colour for ruby in high colour intensity and superb quality. Refined by its weighs 13.26 carats, the ruby is in an impressive size. Rubies weighing over 10 carats are considered very rare. This ruby and diamond ring carries an estimate of HK$68m-88m, the highest estimate at the sale.

Diamonds under the category of Flawless (FL) have no inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification. Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds fall into this category. The 31.98-carat diamond is D colour, flawless, estimated at HK$37m-48m.

Rubies and Emerald bring out the elegant side of the model while the coloured diamonds shows the youthful and vivid side of her. The model changed to a dress in light pink to showcase another set of jewels and jadeite.

The yellow diamond ring is in simple design and goes under the category of internally flawless. The yellow diamond weighs 20.03 carats and is estimated at 16m-20m.

Part of the Cartier’s Panthère collection, the clip brooch is designed as a panther with rotating head and articulated legs and tails. The pear-shaped eyes are made of emerald and the spots and nose are made of onyx. The clip brooch is estimated at HK$2m-3m (USD$ 255,700 - 383,550).


A Rare and Important Art Deco Gem Set and Diamond ‘Tutti-Frutti’ Bracelet, Cartier

Lot no: 1860
Year:  circa 1928
Length: approximately 170mm
Weight: approximately 3.00 carats
Note: Signed Cartier and numbered, case stamped Cartier
Estimate: HK$10,500,000 - 14,000,000 (USD$ 1,342,425 - 1,789,900)

Very Rare and Important 13.26 carat Ruby and Diamond Ring, Designed and Mounted by BHAGAT

Lot no.: 1857
Ring size: 5¾
Gübelin report number: 17051095
SSEF report number: 92156
Weight: 13.26 carats (ruby)、10.5 carats (diamond beads)
Colour: Pigeon blood red
Estimate: HK$68,000,000 - 88,000,000 (USD$ 8,693,800 - 11,250,800)

Very Fine Unmounted Diamond

Lot no.: 1854
GIA report number: 2185519521
Weight: 31.98 carats
Clarity:  Flawless (FL)
Estimate: HK$37,000,000 - 48,000,000 (USD$ 4,730,450 - 6,136,800)

Important Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring

Lot no.: 1698
Ring size: 5½
GIA report number:1132342335
Weight: 20.03 carats
Clarity: Internally Flawless (IF)
Estimate: HK$16,000,000 - 20,000,000 (USD$2,045,600 - 2,557,000)

Diamond, Onyx and Emerald Clip Brooch, 'Panthère', Cartier ​​​​

Lot no.: 1724
Weight: 6 carats
Note: Signed Cartier, indistinctly numbered, with French assay and maker’s marks.
Estimate: HK$2,000,000 - 3,000,000 (USD$ 255,700 - 383,550)


Auction details

Auction house: Sotheby’s Hong Kong
Sale: Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale
Sale no.: HK0744
No. of lots: 264
2017/9/28|10am - 5:30pm
2017/9/29 - 30 |10am - 8pm
2017/10/1 - 2 |10am - 6:30
Auction time:
2017/10/3|1:30pm(Lot 1601-1750)
2017/10/3|4:30pm(Lot 1751-1864)