Sotheby’s Latest Exhibition Stages Dialogue Between Picasso and Condo

Sotheby’s Hong Kong presents an exhibition Face-Off: Picasso/ Condo, featuring an outstanding selection of works by Picasso and Condo to stage a dialogue between the artists, as well as to reveal the overlaps and distinctions in their practices.

As adage has it, 'good artists copy, great artists steal'. Learning from the master, American artist George Condo seeks inspiration from the extraordinary oeuvre of great masters, and one of the strong influences is Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Woman in an Armchair (Dora Maar)|Pablo Picasso

Princess|George Condo

When you look at Condo’s paintings, they remind you instantly of Pablo Picasso, referencing Picasso’ Cubism in the forms of the face and the faceted torso. Similar to Picasso's relationship to Goya and Velázquez, Condo engages Picasso's imposing legacy to create an aesthetic identity and painterly legacy entirely and unapologetically his own.

Maya With the Boat|Pablo Picasso

Over 40 pieces are presented at the exhibition, including a number of major paintings. Picasso painted a huge number of works with subject matters of his intimate individuals. Besides his seminal portraits of lovers and golden muses, family was also a great inspiration to Picasso. Maya with The Boat depicts his daughter, Maya (image above, the woman with gray hair), playing with boat toy.  

Sitting Woman, Blue Dress|Pablo Picasso

Another remarkable painting on display is Sitting Woman, Blue Dress, a portrait of Dora Maar, Picasso’s muse. This portrait was sold for US$45m in New York last year and it is now on loan from a private collection in Hong Kong.

Smiling Girl With Ponytail|George Condo

Exemplifying Condo’s 'psychological cubism', Smiling Girl With Ponytail has the complex mixture of emotion and art-historical interpretation that characterizes the artist’s rich creations. The cartoon-like female head has been twisted horizontally onto the frontal picture plane, creating a surreal, provocative image that tests the boundaries of portraiture.

Condo’s Young Girl with Blue Dress was sold for HK$12.1m at Phillips Hong Kong

Many of the works presented at the show are available for private selling. Condo’s works have seen increasing demand at auctions in recent years. Last year, his painting Young Girl with Blue Dress was sold for HK$12.1m at Phillips Hong Kong. As for the value of Picasso’s works, we all know how his works are highly sought after in the market, and often offered as top lots at contemporary art sales.  

Father O'malley (the Priest)|George Condo

Woman With Cat Sitting in an Armchair|Pablo Picasso

For buyers interested in acquiring works at the show, please note that a number of on-loan paintings are not for sale.


Other highlighted exhibits

Multi-coloured Farmer|George Condo

Head of Marie-Thérèse|Pablo Picasso

Red, White and Black|George Condo

The Informer|George Condo

The Escaped Hippie|George Condo

Head of a Man From the 17th Century|Pablo Picasso


Face-Off: Picasso / Condo Exhibition

Dates: 2018/3/16 - 31
Venue: Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery
Address: 5/F, One Pacific, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Enquiries: (852) 2822 556