HK$200m Qianlong Falangcai Bowl On View Next Week in Hong Kong

Another star lot in the upcoming autumn sales in Hong Kong is revealed. This Falangcai Poppy Bowl from the Qianlong Period is expected to fetch over HK$200m (US$25.6m) and will be on view next Thursday.

The Falangcai Poppy Bowl from the Qianlong Period |Estimated at HK$200m

Art is undeniably very subjective as we all measure the value of artworks with different scales. However, in antiques, the artistic value of a work lies largely on the craftsmanship and the classfication. In terms of ceramics from the Qing dynasty, Falangcai ranks the highest. And amongst Falangcai ceramics, those that are inscribed with poems are of the greatest value. Thus, this Falangcai Poppy Bowl is a fine example of ‘Guyuexuan’, a Chinese term that describes the most supreme Qing ceramics.

The Yamanaka Reticulated Vase |Estimated at HK$50 -70m (US$6.4 - 9m)

Other highlighted lots that will be on view together with the Falangcai bowl include the Yamanaka Reticulated Vase from the Period of Qianlong (our exclusive interview with Nicolas Chow introducing the vase), a Guan lobed brush washer from the Southern Song Dynasty which estimated at HK$80m (US$10.24m) and a gilt-inscribed ‘Zhongqiu Tie’ jade screen with an estimate of HK$40 - 60m (US$5.1 - 7.65m).

Sir Quo-wei Lee was a prominent businessman in Hong Kong

The collection of the late Sir Quo-wei Lee will also be offered in the sales. However, the auction house has yet to announce the details of the works from this collection.

The media preview will take place on Thursday (30th August) at Sotheby’s Hong Kong and we will be there to provide you with the newest updates. Please stay tuned.