Shining, Shimmering, Splendid: Auctioneer Andrea Fiuczynski Sparkles at Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Modern and Contemporary Sale at Sotheby’s caught everybody’s attention with its exceptional masterpieces on offer and outstanding sale performance. Meanwhile, Andrea Fiuczynski, the auctioneer of the sale, also stole the limelight that night. In most cases, at the very beginning of an auction, most people in the room are still chatting. It takes some time for them to get into the auction. Yet, upon her arrival, Andrea Fiuczynski effortlessly captivated everybody with her glittering top.

When Andrea entered the room, journalists and cameramen in the press area were dumbfounded with their eyes wide open for a few seconds. Without having to say a word, they exchanged glances and gave a nod of understanding, then press the button on their cameras.  

Andrea made an authoritative presence with her flashy and flickering top reflecting the lights from the ceiling. People in the room started whispering and someone even hummed the melody of a song that sounds so familiar. “Like the legend of the phoenix…She's up all night for good fun…I'm up all night to get lucky…” That is “Get Lucky”, a song by French house music duo Daft Punk. The visual image of the music video immediately came into everyone’s mind, echoing with what they just saw.

In fact, Andrea’s performance corresponded to this best-selling song, which is widely acclaimed by music critics. Her demeanour was notable and respectable. She set off the auction at an appropriate and rhythmic pace. The evening sale recorded a sell-through rate of 93% and a sale total of HK$710m. The average price per lot reached more than HK$10m. This satisfactory result could not be done without Andrea’s remarkable performance.   

Andrea Fiuczynski moved from Christie’s to Sotheby’s in 2014 and was appointed as Sotheby’s Chairman for the West Coast. Her current title is the Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Americas at Sotheby's. She takes up the role of auctioneer from time to time on different occasions.

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