Limited-Edition Wine Harvested From Century-Old Merlot Vines to Be Sold in Hong Kong

Bordeaux enjoys a good reputation as a hub of the famed wine-growing region. As a wine lover, wouldn't it be nice if one could take a sip of exceptional wine produced by a legendary winery in that region? Here is a great pick for you.


Merlot grape

Harvested in 2015 from century-old Merlot Vines, COS100 was created in honor of the 100th anniversary of “Parcelle des Femmes,” a revered plot located within the heart of Cos d'Estournel vineyards that was planted by courageous women during World War I. Though their men were at war, these brave women faced adversity and forged ahead to plant vines to maintain the future of the Château for the next century.

COS100 will be exclusively available through private sales in just 10 Balthazars (12 litre) and 100 Double Magnums (3 litre). Two of the Balthazars will be sold during live auctions in New York City and Hong Kong with proceeds benefitting Elephant Family, a non-profit organization that aims to save Indian elephants from extinction through field projects, conservation efforts and habitat rehabilitation.

It is interesting how the winery is associated with elephant in the first place. Since the vineyard’s founding in 1811, Cos d’Estournel distinguished itself by dispatching wine to remote parts of the world, most notably to India.

Overtime, Cos d’Estournel became strongly connected to India through its ongoing shipments, and its opulent Asian inspired pagodas and ornate archways in the Château. Founder Louis Gaspard d’Estournel became recognized as the "Maharajah of Saint-Estèphe".

Left to right: Raphael Reybier (winery owner), Adam Bilbey (Head of Asia, Sotheby's Wine), Jamie Ritchie (Worldwide Head, Sotheby's Wine), Dominique Arangoits (Technical Director)

Cos d’Estournel will sell the number one Balthazar during an invite-only auction event led by Sotheby’s on 10 March, 2018 in Hong Kong. In addition to the auction of the Balthazar, Cos d’Estournel will auction two original Elephant sculptures created by notable Chinese artists, as well as an unforgettable Indian experience with the Maharaja of Jodhpur.