Selected Blue and White Treasures from Important Chinese Works of Art at Poly Xiamen

The winning lot of Important Chinese Works of Art at Poly Xiamen was a pair of blue glazed golden colour vases after it fetched a whopping RMB 33.5m. Other top lots of the sale fell to blue and white works of art. Here is a summary of selected blue and white treasures from the sale.

The second top lot of the sale was a blue and white ‘peony’ vase from Yuan dynasty. Commented by a veteran ceramics dealer William Chak in our previous interview, this meiping vase was painted with large peonies and kept in well-preserved condition. It was painted in six layers and each layer was exquisitely done.

Guo Zhonghua

Carrying an estimate of RMB 8m – 12m, the vase was given an opening bid of RMB 7.2m. It drew interest from two telephone bidders and a bidder in the room. After a 2-minute bidding battle, it was finally hammered down for RMB 9.8m to a client of Guo Zhonghua, the helmsman of Poly Xiamen.

Another highlight of the sale was a blue and white ‘lotus’ hexagonal vase from Qianlong period, Qing dynasty. Estimated at RMB 4.8m - 6.8m, the vase is decorated with a classic lotus pattern. Started at RMB 4.6m, the bidding rose to RMB 6.8m in the blink of an eye. There were mainly two bidders — a gentleman at the front and a telephone bidder.

Auctioneer Lan Chen

William Chak, master of Chak’s

The bidding atmosphere slightly slowed down when the price reached RMB 7m. Both bidders offered their next bids with one more incremental jump before the vase was hammered down for RMB 7.2m. The vase was sold for RMB 8.28m to the William Chak, who was sitting in the front.

Blue and White Treasures at Important Chinese Works of Art

A Blue and White ‘Peony’ Vase
Yuan Dynasty

Lot no.: 927
Height: 42 cm

  • A Private Collection from Asian

Estimate: RMB 8,000,000 - 12,000,000
Hammer price: RMB 9,800,000
Price realized: RMB 11,270,000

A Blue and White ‘Lotus’ Hexagonal Vase
Qianlong period, Qing dynasty

Lot no.: 926
Height: 47.5 cm

  • The Collection from National Antique Gallery
  • Hanhai Auction, 16 November 1996, Lot.1202
  • Hanhai Spring, 11 May 2008, Lot 2178

Estimate: RMB 4,800,000 - 6,800,000
Hammer price: RMB 7,200,000
Price realized: RMB 8,280,000



Blue and White ‘Floral’ Vase
Yongzheng period, Qing dynasty

Lot no.: 925
Size: 55 x 40 cm

  • Poly Beijing, 4 June 2014, Lot.6299

Estimate: RMB 3,800,000 - 4,800,000
Hammer price: RMB 4,800,000
Price realized: RMB 5,520,000



Blue and White ‘Kui Phoneix’ Vase
Jiaqing period, Qing dynasty.

Lot no.: 923
Height: 31.5 cm

  • Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 27 April 2003, Lot.214
  • Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 8 April, 2011, lot 3127

Estimate: RMB 2,800,000 - 3,800,000
Hammer price: RMB 4,850,000
Price realized: RMB 5,577,500



A Blue and White ‘Heart Sutra’ Bowl
Qianlong period, Qing dynasty

Lot no.: 924
Height: 18 cm

  • Huachen Auction, Beijing, 21 May 2011, Lot.1390

Estimate: RMB 1,200,000 - 1,600,000
Hammer price: RMB 1,200,000
Price realized: RMB 1,380,000


Auction house: Poly Xiamen
Sale: Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
Auction date: 2018/1/8