Fascinating Selection Offered at Poly Xiamen’s Modern and Contemporary Art

Here comes good news for collectors who are looking for affordable contemporary artworks by famous artists. Poly Xiamen is going to offer a wide range of works at attractive price points, or even without reserve. For example, works from prominent Chinese contemporary artists like Yue Minjun and Liu Ye are estimated at only RMB 150,000 - 250,000. Here are some interesting lots picked by the Value editorial team.  

Art for the Masses is a collaborative work of five figures created by six contemporary artists, including American pop artist KAWS, Chinese artists Zhou Tiehai, Yue Minjun, Zhou Chunya, Jin Nu and Liu Ye. Each work bears traits from the signature works by these artists.

Among these five pieces, Laughing Companion immediately caught our attention. It features a hysterical laughter from Yue’s classic design, and X-ed eyes and hands from KAWS’ classic ‘companion’. The whole set is a limited edition of 100 and the bases of all figures are signed by the artists. For a set of work consisting of five figures, the estimate RMB 150,000 - 250,000 is without question very tempting and reasonable.

If you are looking for some interesting work by KAWS, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket is another great deal not to be missed. KAWS took inspiration from a well-known tale Pinocchio and created figures of 25.4cm-tall Pinocchio and 5cm-tall Jiminy Cricket. This set of figures, offered without reserve, is one of the 500 limited editions.

The last recommendation from the team is Ron English’s Mcsupesized China Edition –Serving the People – Shanghai. Overloaded with cuteness, this figure depicts a supersize Ronald McDonald wearing Chinese military uniform with a slogan “serving the people” written on its bag at the front. English is an American contemporary artist best known for his works exploring brand imagery and advertising. This lot is also offered without reserve.




Art for the Masses (5 Works: Who’s Afraid of Madam L, Camel Lady, Laughing Companion, Green Dog, Mermaid)

Lot no.: 1264
Creators: Zou Tiehai X Yue Minjun X Kaws X Zhou Chunya X Jin Nu X Liu Ye
Created in: 2008
Height: 30cm; 30cm; 30cm; 30cm; 21cm
Materials: Resin, botanic pluff, vinyl, ABS plastic
Limited edition: 100. The present lot is edition 46. Signed on the base. Accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist.
Estimate: RMB 150,000 - 250,000


KAWS. Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.

Lot no.: 1309
Created in: 2010
Height: 25.4cm;5cm
Painted cast vinyl
Limited edition: 500. Accompanied with the original box.
Offered without reserve


Ron English. Mcsupesized China Edition –Serving the People – Shanghai.

Lot no.: 1285
Created in: 2017
Height: 25cm
Painted cast vinyl, fabric
Signed ‘English’ at the back. Accompanied by the original box.
Offered without reserve

Auction details
Auction house: Poly Xiamen
Sale: Modern and Contemporary Art
Date: 2018/1/8
Lots offered: 329