William Chak Going to Talk About “Happy Collecting” at Poly Xiamen Autumn Auction Art Seminar

Enthusiasts of Chinese works of art are in for a treat now. Poly Xiamen is going to hold an art seminar on 7 January during the previewing period of its autumn auction, inviting two prominent figures from the industry to share their views with other art lovers and collectors.  A veteran ceramics dealer William Chak, also known as the master of Chaks, and Qian Weiping, Director of Shanghai Tianwu Cultural Museum, are going to be the speakers at the seminar.

Topic: Appreciating the beauty of blue-and-white
Speaker: Qian Weiping
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

The first part of the seminar will be presided over by Qian Weiping on the topic “Appreciating the beauty of blue-and-white”. One of the highlights from the sale is a blue and white meiping vase from the Yuan dynasty. This 42-cm vase, decorated with large peonies, carries an estimate of RMB 8m to 12m.  

The Value invited William Chak to give an in-depth review on this meiping vase. Well-preserved in good condition, this vase was painted in six layers and each layer was exquisitely done. The blue pigment “smalt” was imported from Middle East countries producing cobalt pigments.

The Review with William Chak |Blue and White Vase and Pair of Blue Glazed with Golden Colour Vases

Topic: Happy Collecting
Speaker: William Chak
Time: 4pm - 5pm

The second part will be given by William Chak, a high-revered ceramics dealer working in the industry for over 40 years. He will be sharing his insight and experience regarding the topic “Happy Collecting”.

The auction house has prepared an amazing line-up for its sale of important Chinese works of art. The leading lot of the sale is a pair of blue glazed with golden colour vases from the Jiaqing period. It is rare to have both vases kept intact in a pair. The rarity of the vases is also defined by its unique shape. In general, garlic-head vases go with a rounder body while this one is a cylindrical body.

Furthermore, the excellent gilding on the vases is also well-preserved with no sign of scratches. Gold is a low-temperature glaze and it is easily worn out by constant touching. Coming from the collection of Fonthill Heirlooms, the pair of vases is estimated at RMB 16m – 20m.

Poly Xiamen Autumn Auction Art Seminar

Date: 2018/1/7|2:30pm - 5pm
Venue: Banyan room, 3/F Swiss Grand Xiamen
Speakers: William Chak, Qian Weiping
For registration: 0592-5069988