Complete Set of Mint-Condition Pokemon Cards Sold for US$107,010

A complete set of first edition Pokemon cards was sold at Goldin Auctions for US$107,010, the highest price ever paid for Pokemon trading cards.

A very rare first edition Charizard card is included in the set

The 103 pieces from 1999 are all in perfect, Gem Mint 10 condition. In fact, many cards have population counts below fifty in such condition. Started at the minimum bid at US$25,000, the bidding received 12 bids and closed with the final price at US$107,010.

Among all 103 pieces is the most coveted Pokemon card in world– the first edition Charizard card. Two years ago, a first edition Charizard card was sold for US$55,650 at eBay.

The present set becomes the world’s most expensive set of Pokemon cards after selling for US$107,010. The current auction record for world’s most valuable Pokemon card is held by a mint condition Pokemon ‘Pikachu Illustrator’ which was sold for US$54,070 in Heritage Auctions in 2016. The card was originally given to winners of a comic illustration contest in 1998. Only 20 to 39 copies of the card were released and only 10 of which are graded as top condition.

1999 Pokemon 1st Edition PSA GEM MT 10 Complete Set

Auction house: Goldin Auctions
Sale: 2019 Summer Premium Live
Sale end date: 11 August 2019

Lot no.: 103
Minimum Bid: US$25,000
Price realised: US$107,010