Virtual artist MonoC's creation blossoms according to data collected by online auction bids

Phillips is holding a special online auction called My Kawaii Valentine. Alongside physical contemporary art works such as Tomoo Gokita, Mr. Doodle and Joan Cornella; NFT is also the focus.

This international auction house collaborated with a Hong Kong brand technology company, where an NFT is created through auction data for the first time. From 14 to 22 February, Phillips is accepting bids with starting prices of HK$1,000 (approximately US$128) dollars – as well as payments in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Virtual human and artist, MonoC

Lot 50 | MonoC | Drowning in Love, MP4 file (file size to be determined)

Minted on 7 February 2022
3840 x 2160 px, Ultra HD, approximate length: 2:30, stereo

  • The artist

Contract address: 0xC5E88b6befe79f3D22AAA4bE052c79051EC371aa

Estimate upon request

The avatar is called MonoC – a female character created by Gusto Collective. Founded in 2020 by veteran advertiser Aaron Lau, the Collective focuses on technology-related brand marketing businesses such as the Metaverse, blockchain and augmented reality.

This NFT artwork is called Drowning in Love and is the first NFT created by virtual artist, MonoC. As bids and views come in the auction, at least 100,000 real-time data points will drive algorithms rendering the NFT.

This means how each lot performs directly affects the NFT artwork’s final appearance.

The size and behaviour of each bloom will be determined by metrics analysing data that tracks lot activeness, collection points include user engagement with the online auction, number of bids and the amount of each bid. Highly active lots will emit a glowing pollen.

During the 7 days of the online auction, Drowning in Love can see seen on Phillips’ official website through a live broadcast – so that those interested can see the development of this NFT creation.

MonoC and Phillips Asia's Chairman, Jonathan Crockett. Without a closer look, it is almost real

MonoC and Terence Ma

To enrich the NFT creation’s interactive experience, famous musician Terence Ma (T-Ma) was invited to compose the background music.

In recent years, the surge of NFTs has caused environmental concerns. Increasingly more companies invite third parties to cooperate to calculate carbon emissions and try to compensate.

This auction is no exception. Drowning in Love’s carbon emissions will be calculated by the carbon offset credit platform, Offsetra. The carbon footprint of the work will be offset via a donation to conservation projects in the Amazon region – Agrocortext Forest and Wildlife Conservation in Amazonas.

Lot 47 | Maciej Kuciara | Her Body is Metal, MP4 file (369.2 MB)

Minted on 9 February 2022
3840 x 2160 px, 4K, HD, 00:40, stereo

  • The artist

Contract address: 0xc5624db4C1d9F5d1DeFb79B2e8Eb93Da78716438

Estimate upon request

Maciej Kuciara is a Polish digital artist who has participated in the visual design of many Hollywood films, such as Ghost in the Shell, Terminator: Dark Fate and Godzilla vs. Kong.

The female protagonist of this NFT creation was also shown in an anime short film called Showtime Universe. Created in 2014, it depicts a cybernetic vision of the future, where the world is affected by technology and an artificial intelligence that threatens to override human nature.

Maciej Kuciara's Her Body is Metal received bids starting from HK$1,000 dollars.

Lot 49 | Lili Tae | Love, Me, JPG file (9.6 MB)

Minted on 9 February 2022
3840 x 2160 px

  • The artist

Contract address: 0x99E5C7fa8Ac665914E7F412f5Ea2f55a9Ef6F653

Estimate upon request

Lili Tae is a Bangkok-based illustrator who specialises in depicting life experiences with soft brushstrokes and vibrant colours. Inspired by the cute expressions presented in Japanese schoolgirl magazines, Love, Me embodies all the love, gifts and feelings celebrated on Valentine's Day.

Alongside Kuciara’s NFT work, Tae’s Love, Me creation also received bids starting from HK$1,000 dollars.

Other highlight lots:

Lot 46 | Pomme Chan | Falling for You, MP4 file (34.8 MB)

Minted on 3 February 2022
3840  x  2160 px, Ultra HD, 00:26, stereo

  • The artist

Contract address: 0xF848324e1fa60007F9755C685f7741aD3f40f4E3

Estimate upon request

Lot 48 | Excalibur | Gotchi-Noh / Izutsu (The Well Cradle), MP4 file (116.9 MB)

Minted on 1 February 2022
2160 x 2160 px, 01:30, stereo

  • The artist

Contract address: 0xdE221fA51f2df55385E0A26664eb6186DaB0131b

Estimate upon request

Lot 45 | Rewind Collective | Double Exposure – Virgin Mary #1, MP4 file (6.91 MB)

Minted on 10 February 2022
4500 x 6000 px, HD, 00:06

  • The artist

Contract address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e

Estimate upon request

Auction Details:

Auction House: Phillips

Sale: My Kawaii Valentine: Online Auction

Sale Date: 14 February 2022 9pm – 22 February 2022 6pm (Hong Kong local time)

Number of lots: 50