Opera Gallery Explores "Beauty" In the Eye of German Artist Mike Dargas

Opera Gallery presents an exhibition titled "Healing Beauty" featuring a series of works created by Mike Dargas, a self-taught German contemporary artist. It is the painter's first solo show in Asia. The Value talks to Dargas about his interpretation of "beauty" and his inspiration for this series of work.

Mike Dargas standing in front of his work Life fully coloured (2017)


Dargas has been interested in exploring the lifelike elements from the reaction of models when they are covered or coated with liquid or materials. Thus, his paintings resemble photography capturing the ephemeral beauty. "I always make sure that my paintings are hyperrealistic but if you take a closer look, you will see it is still a painting," said Dargas.

Sweet dreams (2017)

Left: blossom L1 (2016). Middle: blossom GE1 (2015). Right: blossom B1 (2016)

Dargas told us the series of "healing beauty" represents a healing process for himself, whose works have transformed from masculine and dark style in the early stage to his current style focusing on femininity, beauty and fragility.

Dargas' works at the exhibition


His whole liquid series started in an experimental shooting in 2014 with the first honey piece. He was searching for a material that could cover a specific ground without hiding what is underneath. He was fascinated by honey as a liquid material and it became the base element of that series.

Kissed by the Sun

Dargas' girlfriend in the middle


Many of his works are inspired by his girlfriend, also his muse. Therefore, he likes all the works presented at this exhibition. Each work is unique and different to him.

Speaking of challenges he has encountered during his artwork creation, "The most difficult part is to capture the actual and exact moment because each model, each shooting is different. The true reaction of the moment which is captured and painted is significant because it cannot be practised in advance. It is difficult to capture the essence of that moment."

However, Dargas is undaunted by all these challenges. Like he said, "It would be easy to express myself with photos but I like challenges. I am transforming a photo into my expression of a photo."


Mike Dargas Healing Beauty
Dates: 2018/1/19 - 2018/2/9
G/F, Opera Gallery


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