Splendid Kaleidoscope of Spiritual Creatures at Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever wondered what they look like? Whitestone Gallery invites viewers to an exhilarating, lively world of spirituality by presenting the latest works and significant creations by Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu, including her iconic Guardian series.

Opening ceremony at Whitestone Gallery

Miwa Komatsu, born in 1984, is an emerging artist from Japan. She started her career by producing copperplate prints and later worked on paintings after a flash of enlightenment during her trip to New York. Fascinated by the mystery and fantasy of spiritual creatures, Komatsu explores themes relating to mononoke (spirits) and yokai (ghosts and goblins) in her paintings. Her favourite subject matter is guardian dogs, which are often seen in statues at Shinto shrines in Japan.

Miwa Komatsu gave an autograph

In her paintings, the strange, mythical divine beasts are both ferocious and humourous; they are dynamic but at the same time sensitive. Komatsu's style is shaped by her experience in childhood when she witnessed the animals dying, which formed her unique view of life and death, and her distinct mystical world.

Beast which became a god

A head of the blur

Considered as one of the young, remarkable talents of the 21st century, Komatsu acts as an ambassador promoting Japanese traditional culture to the world. In 2015, she painted Arita porcelain guardian dogs, Heaven and Earth Guardian Lion Dogs. This set of guardian dogs is added to the permanent collection of the British Museum.

Encounter at the zone

Light from the Bottom of the Water

The exhibition is currently on public display until 1 April 2018. Komatsu's works at the exhibition are available for purchase with prices ranging from US$2,000-50,000. She will also give her first live-painting performance at Hart Haus on the ground floor at H Queen's, Central Hong Kong.

Other Highlights at the exhibition

At the front of the sacred precinct


Informing each other

Miwa Komatsu

Period: 2018/2/23 - 4/1
Opening hours: 11am - 7pm
Venue: Whitestone Gallery
Address: UG/F, Lee Roy Commercial Building, 57-59 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Free Admission