Roosters at The Met

In recent years, vintage chicken bowl has been the favorite of people in Greater China who love vintage stuff. Be they hipsters from Hong Kong, travelers from Taiwan, or fans of Stephen Chow from Mainland, all walk into the bystreets and alleys in Hong Kong, hoping to find the chicken bowl which used to be an ordinary tableware in the old times. In fact, centuries ago in the Forbidden City, there were once treasures which speak the same visual language, the imperial chicken cups.

For instance, the "Doucai Chicken Cups" created in the Chenghua reign, were used by Chenghua Emperor to drink Jiu (Chinese wine). These cups, exquisitely potted and exquisitely decorated, represent the pinnacle of porcelain crafting techniques in the Ming Dynasty. In 2014, one of the cups was sold in Hong Kong for record HK$281 million. It is now in the hand of private collector, leaves us slim chance to appreciate it again. Yet, another one is now displaying at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

The Met is now holding the exhibition of "Celebrating the Year of the Rooster", showing Chinese antiques with the theme of rooster or chicken, including the "Doucai Chicken Cup". Other highlights include Incense Burner in the Shape of a Rooster and Set of Twelve Zodiac Animals. The former has a clever design, the hollow body houses burning incense, while the detachable wings serve as the lid, with a few little openings on the wings to let the smoke escapes. The latter was crafted in the Tang Dynasty, as popular tomb offerings at that time, representing both the twelve-year cycle and the twelve hours of the day.

Exhibition Hightlights

Doucai Chicken Cup

Incense Burner in the Shape of a Rooster

Set of Twelve Zodiac Animals

(Pictures: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)


Exhibition Details

Date: October 29,2016 - August 6, 2017
Venue: The Met Fifth Avenue, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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