"Lucid Dream" Exhibition Showcases Whimsical Works by Three Female Artists From Asia

Lucie Chang Fine Arts from Hong Kong is currently presenting a trio exhibition titled Lucid Dream, bringing enchanting artworks which capture the surreal nature of dreams. Artworks featured in the exhibition are created by three female artists from Asia- Alice Lin (Beijing), Miloza Ma (Hong Kong) and So Young Lee (Seoul). Let's take a look at some of the selected works. 

Alice Lin. Infinite Tea Party (2018)

Alice Lin. In the Ocean (2018)

Alice Lin. Rabbit and Baby Jellyfish (2019)

Alice Lin

Alice Lin is a freelance artist born in 1980 in Northern China. She is currently a painter and a 3D Art Director who has a passion for new Chinese meticulous painting and 3D projection art. She harmonizes apparently discordant elements and intertwines them together by skillful use of drawings and paintings, creating a new and fascinating wonderland of different realities. She was a recommended artist in the Taiwan DPI magazine Art Quarter in 2015 and was recommended by <Collaboration Tongue> magazine in Mexico, the WOWXWOW Gallery and Art Community in Scotland in 2016.

Miloza Ma. Chemical Verse (2013)

Miloza Ma. Sphere of Exploration (2013)

Miloza Ma. Divine Origin (2013)

Miloza Ma

Miloza Ma, born in Hong Kong in 1984, is now an illustrator and toy designer. After holding a small exhibition in 2013, she devoted herself to personal creation. Her three-dimensional work was awarded twice in the "Hong Kong Original Anime Man-design Competition" and had been exhibited in the "Taipei Toy Creation Exhibition" many times. In January 2016, she held her solo exhibition "The Axis of Life" and launched her first personal Zine of the same name. In July 2017, Sanlian Bookstore published her first commercial painting book, "The Life of Empty Life" and in September, she was invited by Hong Kong Art Centre to participate in "PLAY! - Hong Kong Manga Roving Exhibition" Helsinki (Finland) Station. 

So Youn Lee. Sunshine (2014) 

So Youn Lee. Where Wind Blows (2017) 

So Youn Lee. Meteoroid (2019)

So Youn Lee

Influenced by popular cultures such as comic books and animated films, So Youn Lee, born in 1984, is best known for her brightly colored dreamy paintings from using oil and acrylic paints to create a glass-like effect with stickers and glitters sealed with layers of resin. She paints ingenuous genderless characters named ‘Mango’, highlighting innocence and optimism as a major theme. The South Korean artist who currently lives in LA has showcased her works in solo exhibitions held in the USA, Korea and the Philippines, and she has also been featured in numerous group exhibitions internationally. Her latest project, ‘Meteoroid’ (2019), is a figurine based on her character Mango.


Lucid Dream Group Exhibition 
Date: 20 July -31 August, 2019
Time: 10:00 - 19:00
Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts
Location: 26 Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong