40-Metre Kaws Companion Sculpture Camps Under Mount Fuji in Japan

The KAWS Companion sculpture is going to make its fourth stop in Japan after its visit to Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. Starting from mid-July, you can enjoy a camping experience with the giant figure at Fujinomiya’s Fumotoppara Camping Ground where it will be relaxing under Mount Fuji's spectacular view. 

Measured at 40-metre long, the sculpture is the biggest one yet, three metres longer than the one last that appeared in Hong Kong. The Companion, which was lying down flat at the last stop, rests on the grass field with one arm placed below its head and its knees bent. KAWS revealed on his Instagram account that the sculpture has already arrived at its destination. 

KAWS Companion sculpture is already resting under Mount Fuji

The exhibition features a camping experience where you can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji

The sculpture was last seen in Hong Kong

KAWS:HOLIDAY, in collaboration with AllRightsReserved, is also bringing a total of 12 limited edition collectibles to Japan, the largest collection amongst the four. Apart from the Companion figure, the collection will offer 1000 limited Kokeshi Doll Sets, Mount Fuji plushies, ceramic plates, T-shirts, tote bags and cushions. Prices range from US$50 - 754.

The products will be available for sale from 18 July at destinated stores in Japan or at the Ding Dong Takuhaibin online store. (*Grey-coloured KAWS products are only sold in Japan)

KAWS:HOLIDAY presenting the largest collection in Japan with 12 collectibles

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan Kokeshi Doll Set of 3|approx. US$754

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan 8.5-inch Mount Fuji plushies|approx. US$181

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan 9.5-inch vinyl figure|approx. US$200

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan Cushion|approx. US$121

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan Mount Fuji Ceramic Plate Set of 4|approx. US$201

KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan Mount Fuji Pin Set of 4|approx. US$502

The exhibition will begin on 18 July and end on 24 July. To participate in this camping experience, you must register on their official website to be entered into the raffle. Registration starts from 10am (GMT+9) on 28 June and ends at 10am the next day. For those who are interested, you can register here. Each ticket costs ¥2,000 (US$18) and allows the entry of no more than three people. 


Exhibition: 18 - 24 July 2019
Location: Fujinomiya’s Fumotoppara Camping Ground Japan
Price: ¥2,000 (US$18) (for entry of no more than 3 people)