CEO of Tokyo Chuo Auction Presents Blue and White Lobed ‘Fruit and Flower’ Bowl from Xuande Period

Tokyo Chuo Auction is going to hold its Autumn Auction on 24 November in Hong Kong. The Value has invited Ando Shokei, CEO of Tokyo Chuo Auction, to introduce the centrepiece of the sale. It is a Blue and White Lobed “Fruit and Flower” Bowl, incised Xuande six-character seal mark and period.

A Blue and White Lobed “Fruit and Flower” Bowl
Xuande Six-Character Seal Mark and Period

Size: 8 x 22.5cm

Ando Shokei, CEO, Tokyo Chuo Auction

A: Speaking of this bowl, it was in a pair but the two got separated. We are privileged to have secured one of this Xuande bowl.

Q: What are the special features of Xuande ceramics?

A: During the Yongxuan period in the early Ming dynasty, the development of sailing was very advanced. Pigments were shipped to China via ocean routes or the Silk Road. Yongxuan ceramics carry special features like eggshell pottery, base in white, glossy, “halo effect” in blue and white colour. The blue and white pattern that we see here is translucent. That’s the best of Yongxuan ceramics.

Q: What’s on the base of the bowl?

A: Look at the base, the six-character mark is nicely inscribed and the foot is neatly done. The pottery is polished.

Q: What about the patterns on it?

A: The patterns and colours on the base are influenced by Islamic art. But the fruits and pomegranates patterns are in Chinese style. The bowl is decorated with mallow and tang flower patterns. These are the patterns of “eight Buddhist emblems” in the early stage. The bowl is simply beautiful.

Q: What about the shape?

A: It is in a conical shape and the mouth is like mallow petals. It is not easy to create such shape, given that the glaze is so thin.

Q: Does it come with its original box?

A: The pair of bowls comes with the original box. During the Republic of China period, Japan bought this bowl from China together with its original box. This base was also made at that time. It is an old base.

The bowl will be available for public viewing in Taiwan before it arrives in Hong Kong. The viewing will begin from 4 to 5 November in Taipei. Or you can wait till it comes to Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong at the end of the month.

Viewing in Taiwan

Date: 2017/11/4 - 5
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: 2/F HNBK International Convention Center (No. 123, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City)


Hong Kong Autumn Auction Details

Auction house: Tokyo Chuo (Hong Kong)
Viewing: 2017/11/24 - 25
Auction: 2017/11/26 – 27

Venue: Grand Ballroom, Four Season Hotel Hong Kong