InnerGlow illuminates Tai Kwun for its third edition in the Year of Dragon

After capturing Hong Kong’s hearts and imagination in its previous editions, InnerGlow, a 3D architectural projection-mapped spectacle, is set to once again illuminate light projection on the façade of the Barrack Block in Tai Kwun, glowing nightly every 30 minutes from 6:30 pm to 9 pm and transforming the heritage-arts venue into a colourful wonderland.

Coinciding with the Year of the Dragon, the performance, created in partnership with the brilliant minds behind The Electric Canvas, will include symbols inspired by Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage, such as the Tai Hang Fire Dragon, a century-old Mid-Autumn Festival Tradition. 

Dedicated to nurturing talents, this year InnerGlow will be expanding to the Prison Yard, presenting InnerGlow Searchlight – a mentorship programme incubating local and international young talents and student artists – showcasing the evolving creations of the next generations of InnerGlow creatives. 

InnerGlow returns to Tai Kwun nightly from 26 January through 14 February

InnerGlow 2024’s Parade Ground performance Dragon Tales

Highlighting Hong Kong’s unique visual identity, InnerGlow 2024 is subtitled Dragon Tales, which embarks on a journey from the mythical dragon and employs mth-inspired illustrations and three-dimensional animations.

It blends traditional Cantonese narrative singing with contemporary music, guiding the audience through landscapes, ancient texts, totems, and urban spaces in search of the form of the dragon. 

Extending an engaging invitation to its audiences, the third chapter of InnerGlow offers a unique chance to participate actively in the spectacle. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with interactive elements available at the location, allowing them to display their preferred animated designs and bring their creativity to life on the compound’s iconic mango tree. 

Alongside the Pottinger Street ramp will be the themes of Neon, Stream, and Dragon's Journey. 

InnerGlow 2024’s Parade Ground performance Dragon Tales

Visitors have the opportunity to engage with interactive elements available at the location

Vistors' preferred animated designs will be displayed on the compound's iconic mango tree

Inspired by the public's enthusiastic response to the first two InnerGlow seasons, this year's programme is expanding beyond the Parade Ground to embrace the Prison Yard, glowing nightly with InnerGlow Searchlight, a showcase of the evolving creations of the next generation of creatives. 

Under the seasoned guidance of Tai Kwun and The Electric Canvas – the Sydney-based showstoppers renowned for their innovative architectural projection mapping – early career professionals and students specialising in art, creative media, film, and design are given the opportunity to experiment with their ideas and broaden their artistic practices as they transform the Prison Yard into a vast workshop space with where their imaginative concepts come to life.

Apart from taking the creative lead in the first two seasons of InnerGlow, The Electric Canvas has been working closely with Tai Kwun to spot talent for future productions of the programme, and this collaboration has gone on to involve an ever-growing cohort of Hong Kong creative and technical talents, with the long-term goal of home-grown talents leading and producing such large-scale spectacles in their own right. 

Tai Kwun’s mentorship programme – InnerGlow Searchlight

Tai Kwun’s mentorship programme – InnerGlow Searchlight

InnerGlow 2024

Venue: Tai Kwun
Address: 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Date: 26 January to 14 February (except 10 - 11 February)
Parade Ground Performance: Nightly 6:30 - 9 pm (Every half hour)
Prison Yard Performance: Nightly 6:45 - 9:15 pm
Free admission for the public