International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong’s annual art extravaganza, slated for return this May

The recent ‘Art March’ in Hong Kong saw modern and contemporary art fairs take center stage, with prominent events such as Art Basel, Art Central, and ComplexCon drawing large crowds of art enthusiasts to the city and giving the international Asian art hub a confidence boost.  

This coming May, Hong Kong is welcoming ancient art lovers with the return of International Antiques Fair (IAF) – the largest antique expo in Asia. From 24 to 28 May, the world-class event will open its doors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

The annual art extravaganza brings together esteemed dealers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, presenting thousands of years of Chinese artistic treasures as well as exquisite antiques from other Asian regions and Western countries. The artworks on show range from porcelains, jades, silverware, and lacquerware to classical furniture and sculptures, providing visitors with the opportunity to appreciate these precious cultural relics up close.

With just over a month until its opening, the organizers are currently processing applications for exhibitors. Highly acclaimed events from previous editions, including antique appraisal, guided tours, and lectures, are set to return. 

International Antiques Fair (IAF) is the largest antique fair in Asia | IAF 2023

IAF gathers collectors and art lovers from around the world | IAF 2023

Antique appraisal has been one of the most popular events at the Fair | IAF 2023

Ronald Chak, Director of IAF, remarks: “Amidst an uncertain global environment and downward pressure on the economy, cautious and conservative probably best describe the current market mood. As organizers of such an important art fair, we did hesitate and even considered the possibility of postponing IAF for a year: Should we allow more time for the industry to recover before making a comeback?

Soon enough, our phones began to ring nonstop and our inboxes were flooded with emails from collectors, antique dealers, and even museums from around the globe. Some offered words of encouragement, while some expressed their reproach–but the underlying message was clear: What storm hasn’t IAF weathered? This mega-annual event is something that can’t be skipped.

A mix of shame and motivation flowed over me as I took every word into my heart.

In the journey of antique collecting, passion is like a beacon, illuminating the path ahead. Since its inception in 2002, step by step IAF has grown from scratch to establish itself as one of Asia's most prominent art events. This year, we are determined to reignite that light.

Whether it’s about reuniting with old friends or forging new acquaintances, IAF eagerly awaits your presence.

A guided tour was led by William Chak, renowned antique dealer and co-founder of IAF | IAF 2023

IAF presents a diverse range of antiques from around the globe | IAF 2023

IAF attracts thousands of visitors each edition | IAF 2023

International Antiques Fair 2024

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Hall 5BC
Address: 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
VIP Preview Date: 24 May 2024
Exhibition Date: 25 - 28 May 2024 (Free admission)

  • Antiques Appraisal (by specialists from mainland China and members of the Antique Authentication Committee, Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association)
  • Lectures
  • Guided Tours

About International Antiques Fair

Founded in 2002 by William and Priscilla Chak, the Asian art and antiques experts based in Hong Kong, and managed by their son Ronald Chak, International Antiques Fair (IAF) strives to promote Chinese culture, cultivate public interest in art, and facilitate cultural exchanges.

The key words to define IAF include: Novelty, Diversity, Rarity, Variety, and Instructive & Informative. IAF has set very high standards in its choice of exhibitors and their offerings. For each edition, a vetting committee containing internationally recognized experts will appraise all exhibits before the fair opens, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the artworks on show.

Up to the present, IAF has established itself as a world-class art fair, attracting thousands of visitors every edition.