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For lovers of antiques and all things vintage, here's some exciting news: International Antiques Fair (IAF) – the largest of its kind in Asia  – is returning to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 24 to 28 May for its 14th edition. 

Hosted in one of the world's most vibrant arts hubs, the Fair draws antique dealers, collectors, and art lovers from around the world to explore a vast array of antiques, from classic Chinese ceramics to rare European silverware, and everything in between. Also highlighted at the Fair is a line-up of public events, including antique appraisal, lectures, and guided tours. 

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Below are the details of the Fair and a complete list of exhibitors: 

The Complete List of Exhibitors of IAF 2024:

A1 | Esmé Parish Silver | A Chinese Silver and Enamel Tea Caddy, Late 19th century

A2 | Shuho Auctions | A Bamboo Brushpot, Early Qing Dynasty

A3 | Chan Lai Wood Ware | A Bamboo Figure of "Han Kang", Mid-Qing Dynasty

A4 | Alhambra Antiques | A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Avalokitesvara, Chinese-Tibetan, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period

A5 | Tai Yip Art Bookshop | One of the most comprehensive and professional oriental art bookstores

A6 | Mark Powley Chinese Works of Art | An Overlay Blue on White Glass Vase, Qing Dynasty 

A7 | LOTUS GALLERY Co., Ltd | A Seated Gilt Bronze Figure of Buddha, Tibetan, 15th Century

A8 | CA Book Publishing | Professional art bookstore

B1 | Da Guan Tang Antique Furniture | A Pair of Huanghuali Square-Corner Cabinets, Late Ming/Early Qing Dynasty

B2 | KSL Poster | "L'Aureole du Midi" Poster by Jules Cheret, 1900

B3 | Orientique | A Pair of Cloisonne and Champleve Enamel Elephants, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period

B4 | Somlo London | PIAGET 18ct White Gold "Oval Cased" Bracelet Watch with Lapis Lazuli Dial and Diamond and Sapphire Set Bezel, Made circa 1970

B5 | Johan's Auctions | A Rare Underglaze-Blue-Decorated, Yellow-Ground Incised Vase, Qing Dynasty, Seal Mark and Period of Qianlong

B6 | Qiandi Culture | An Archaic Jade Cong, Neolithic Period, Liangzhu Culture

B7 | Tian Sing Deng | A Cizao Kiln Green Glaze Embossed Dragon Pattern Kendi, Yuan Dynasty

B8 | Chinese Carpet Centre Ltd. | A Tapestry with Pattern of Two Dragons Playing with Pearl Handknotted Silk Rug

B9 | ONENESS | A Gilt-Bronze Statue, Qing Dynasty, Tibet

B9 | CHU'S | A Taoist Priest Robe, Qing Dynasty

B9 | Lai Yan Tang | A Large Parcel-Gilt Silver Tripod Platter Decorated with a Phoenix, Tang Dynasty

B9 | GLOBAL ONENESS | The Nine-Court Diagram by Dr. Dominic Lam Man-Kit

C1 | LONG MING HE | Chung dZi of Agate

C2 | Chak's Co., Ltd. | A Pair of Carved Qiagbai Baluster Vases, Northern Song

C3 | Yumekoubou Antique Kyoto | A Mottled Bamboo Table, 19th Century

C4 | Chak's (Beijing) Co., Ltd. | A Blue and White Octagonal Jar with Hunting Pattern, Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen Period

D1A | Wilson International Antique Limited | A Famille-Rose Blue Ground Double Ears Vase, Qing Dynasty, Jiaqing Period with "Jiang Zhenglong Zhi" Mark

D1B | Aesthete Antique | A Lacquer "Dragon" Round Incense Box, Late Edo Period

D1C | 中華文化促進會宜興紫砂文化產業委員會 (Committee of Yixing Zisha Cultural Production of Chinese Culture Promotion Society) | A Yixing Teapot, Gu Jing Zhou

D1D | Treasure Gallery | A Gilt Copper Alloy Figure of Vasudhara, 14th Century, Nepal

D2 | Jean Gauchet Gauchet Asian Art | A Rare Tomb Stone Figure of a Winged Lion known as "Pixiu", Han Dynasty, Hebei Province, Neiqiu County

D3 | Gallery Deydier | An Archaic Bronze Ding, Shang Dynasty, Yinxu Period, 14th Century BC to 12th Century

D5 | Hollywood Galleries Ltd. | A Copper Alloy and Brass Great Black One Mahakala Panjarnata, 15th Century, Southern Tibet, Western Tsang

E1 | Sue Ollemans Oriental Works of Art | A Gold Necklace with Precious Stone Inlay, 19th Century, Nepal

E2 | 褐石藝術株式會社 (Specialized in brown stone art) | A Bronze Lion with Gold Plated, Tang Dynasty

E3 | Tokonoma Arts Gallery by TBFAS | A Painting of Magu with Baskets by Fang Chunnian, China, Song Dynasty, and A Large Chinese Style Basket by Wada Waichisai, Japan, Meiji period

E4 | Nurbu Arts | A Bronze Buddha Inlaid with Precious Stone, 14th Century, Silver Gilt Stand

E5 | 萬寶元 (Wanbaoyuan) | An Archaic Jade, Hongshan Culture

E6 | 寶華堂 (Baohuatang) | A White Jade Foreigner, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period

E6 | 觀雅堂 (Guanyatang) | A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Vajradhara, Ming Dynasty

E6 | 映雪堂 (Yinxuetang) | A Cizhou Jar with Handles, Chin Dynasty 

E6 | 老味書屋 (Laowei bookstore from Taipei) | A Yixing Red-Clay Teapot, Fang Zhou, Mid-Qing Dynasty

E7 | Asia Material Technology (JP) Company Limited | An Embossed Gold Teapot, Showa Period

E8 | CHOI YIM HIN Arts | A Pair of Black-Ground Wucai Vessels, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period

E9 | Buddhist Art Germany | A Gilt Copper Repoussé Figure of Visnu, 17th Century, Nepal

E10 | Nagel Auckitionen GmbH | A Fine Guhayasamaja Mandala, 15th Century, Tibet

E11 | CARLOS PRATA | A Chinese "Dragon and Clouds" Carved Soapstone Seal, Qing Dynasty, 18th Century

E12 | GALLERY ONE | A Carved Amber Washer, Qing Dynasty

E13 | Ying's Gallery | A Paper Mandarin Folding Fan with Carved Mother of Pearl Sticks, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong to Jiaqing Period

E13 | Morris & Joey Low Gallery | A Pair of Jadeite Heron with Wooden Stand, Qing Dynasty

E15 | Ethereal Auctioneers | A Pair of Jade Figures of Rebcumbent Pig, Han Dynasty

M5 | Art 茜公主 | Hugh Moss, January 2014

M9 | Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association | Antique Appraisal Certificate Services


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