Hong Kong International Antiques Fair: A Sneak Peek (Zone D)

The International Antiques Fair will commence on 26th this month. With more than 70 exhibitors participating this year, over 10,000 artworks will be showcased in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the premium media partner for the fair, the Value will introduce to you the featured exhibits. Let’s take a look at Zone D today.


D1|Galerie Christian Deydier

A Ritual Bronze Vessel, liding China, Late Shang dynasty|21.5cm

Wine Vessel in shape of a Tapir Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period |21 x 34cm

D2|Xin Ruo Zhi Shui

A Blue-Glazed Vase, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Mark and of the Period

D3|Ying's Gallery 

A Pair of Massive Famille Rose Relief Moulded Vases, Qing Dynasty, 19th Century|91.5cm

D3|Morris & Joey Low Gallery

A Blue and White Pear-Shaped Vase, Yuhuchun, Qing Dynasty, Tongzhi Mark and of the Period|29cm

D4|Oi Ling Antiques

A Duck-shaped Bronze Censer, Han Dynasty|21 x 16cm

A Bronze Censer, Northern and Southern Dynasty, 386-589AD|22 x 9cm

D5|Tang Song Xuan

A Dingyao Persimmon-Glazed Meiping, Northern Song

A Yueyao Dragon and Phoenix Vessel, Three Kingdoms

D6|San Bao Tang

An Aloeswood Court Necklace, Chaozhu, Qing Dynasty

D6|San Bao Tang

A Carved Jadeite Figure of Guanyin with Phoenix, Qing Dynasty|24.5cm

D7|Hollywood Galleries

A Bronze Lama, Tibet, 13th Century|10cm

A Bronze Nyingma School Krishna Yamari, Tibet, 14th century|10cm


A Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Box and Cover, Ming Dynasty|7.8 x 2.8cm


A Selection of Yixing Stoneware Teapots

D8|Ashida Seihodo

A Lacquer Ruyi Scepter with Phoenix Pattern, Ming Dynasty

D9|Galerie Lamy

A Rare Chinese Gild Bronze Mantel Piece Clock with Cut Colored Glass Decoration and Separate Spinning Rosace, circa 1780

A Rare Pair of Sino-Tibetan Gild Bronze Five-Clawed-Dragon Stirrups, 17th Century

D10|Japan Art Dealers Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ancient Chinese Works of Art |Offerings at Spring Sales in April 2018


A Set of Five Lacquer Boxes, Qianlong, Qing Dynasty |23.8cm|Provenance: Collection of Japanese Collector

HKIAF 2018

Venue: Hall 5BC, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Charity event (by ticket only): 2018/5/25|6pm - 9pm
Open to public (free admission):
2018/5/26 - 28|11am - 7pm
2018/5/29|11am - 5pm