Hong Kong International Antiques Fair: A Sneak Peek (Zone C)

The International Antiques Fair will commence on 26th this month. With more than 70 exhibitors participating this year, over 10,000 artworks will be showcased in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the premium media partner for the fair, the Value will introduce to you the featured exhibits. Let’s take a look at Zone C which is located right at the entrance and is one of the largest zones, featuring 3 exhibitors.


C1|Chak’s Company Limited

A Cloisonne Enamel Censer, Ming Dynasty|26cm

A Carved Yaozhou Floral Vase, Chin Dynasty|17.1cm

C2|Yumekoubou Antique Kyoto

A Bamboo Tea Tool Box, Late Edo Period to Early Meiji Period|40 x 23.2 x 40.7cm


A Pair of Silver Deer, Mid Edo Period to Early Meiji Period|Made by Yamaguchikinshodo Fujii Takatoshi
Buck|44.5 x 19.2 x 42.6cm|7,321g
Doe |36.3 x 18.5 x 24cm|5,804g

A Bamboo Basket “Shinsouzen” Early Meiji Period to Early Shōwa period|Made by Tanabe Chikuunsai I|31 x 27.5 x 26.7cm

An Iron Tea Pot, Late Edo Period to Early Meiji Period|Made by Kibundo Shohei I|11 x 11 x 14cm

C3|Shakris Fine Asian Works of Art

A Nephrite Elephant with Mottled Brown 'Skin' Head, Han Dynasty|6.68cm

A Nephrite Rhyton, ‘Guang’ Libation Cup with Mythical Hydra, Han Dynasty|16.84cm

A Nephrite Water Buffalo with Mottled Brown 'Skin' Head/Hide, Song Dynasty|12.7cm

A Neolithic 'Chicken Bone' Jade Cong with deified 'taotie' motifs,  Liangzhu Culture|19.08cm

HKIAF 2018

Venue: Hall 5BC, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Charity event (by ticket only): 2018/5/25|6pm - 9pm
Open to public (free admission):
2018/5/26 - 28|11am - 7pm
2018/5/29|11am - 5pm