Hong Kong International Antiques Fair: A Sneak Peek (Zone B)

The International Antiques Fair will commence on 26th this month. With more than 70 exhibitors participating this year, over 10,000 artworks will be showcased in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the premium media partner for the fair, the Value will introduce to you the featured exhibits. Let's take tour to Zone B (there is no B10 booth in this zone).

B1| Art Asiatique Sarl

A Pair of Carved Ivory Figures of Court Ladies, 19th Century|148cm

A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Tsongkhapa, 18th century|23cm

B1|Maison Palombo Genève

A Set of Nine Very Rare Gold Ingot, Qianlong Period (1736-1795 AD)|3,312g

A Very Rare Gold Ingot, Qianlong Period (1736-1795 AD)|4.9 x 2.8cm|371g

B2|Martin Rodney & Jonathan Bennett London

A Rare Yixing Double-Walled Teapot and Cover, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period|16cm

B3|Yuchi Antique London Ltd

A Chinese Flambe Glazed Lingzhi-Form Washer|22.2cm

B4|Da Guan Tang Antique Furniture

A Pair of Huanghuali Horseshoeback Armchairs, Quanyi, Early Qing Dynasty

A Huanghuali Reccessed Trestle-Leg Table, Early Qing Dynasty

A Pair of Huanghuali Lowback Armchairs, Early Qing Dynasty

A Tielimu Painting Table with Solid Top and Everted Flanges, Early Qing Dynasty

B5|Somlo London

Left - A 18ct Yellow Gold Rectangular Case Dress Wristwatch by Patek Philippe and Retailed by Tiffany & Co (Manual Mechanical) Circa 1909
Right - A 18ct Yellow Gold Open Face Split-Second Chronograph Pocket watch by Patek Philippe (Manual Mechanical) Circa 1904

B6|Xi Qi Tang

A White-Glazed Carved Flower Bowl (White Sand Kiln), Northern Song|21cm

B7| C.C. Teng & Co

A Very Rare Doucai Box and Cover, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Mark|15.2cm

B8|OU Raeantiik

Exceptional European Militaria & Presentation Silver Centerpiece With A Greek Goddess Demeter Figure


A Fine and Rare Blue Ground Famille-Rose ‘Medallion’ Bowl with Floral Design, Qing Dynasty, Daoguang Private Pavilion Mark and of the Period (1821 - 1850 A.D.)|13cm

A Fine and Rare Pair of Yellow Ground Green Glazed ‘Indian Lotus’ Saucer Dishes, Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Mark and of the Period (1723 – 1735 AD)|11.3cm

B11|Jiu Jen Yia Ji Fine Art & Antiques

A Large Carved Longquan Celadon Vase with Flower Pattern, Early Ming, 15th Century|72cm

B12|Hanlin Gallery

A Cloisonne Vase Depicting ‘Koi’ Fish Signed: ANDO JUBEI (1876-1953) Date: c1920|25cm

B13|Michael's Gallery

A Bronze Square Vase with Cover, Song Dynasty|27cm

B14|Thomas & Cox Chinese Art

A Pair of DaYaZhai Famille-Rose decorated Turquoise-Ground Rouleau Vases, Qing Dynasty, Guangxu Period (1875-1908 AD)

B15|CA Design Book Club

Left: Discovery of Tibetan Rugs: The Claudio Mariani Collection
Middle: In Pursuit of Fine Jades: Ming Court Belt Plaques
Right: Encompassing Precious Beauty: The Songzhutang Collection of Imperial Chinese Ceramics

B16|Kevin Lin Fine Art

An Imperial Embroidered Gold Silk of Sakyamuni, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong 1777 AD|108 x 63cm

HKIAF 2018

Venue: Hall 5BC, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Charity event (by ticket only): 2018/5/25|6pm - 9pm
Open to public (free admission):
2018/5/26 - 28|11am - 7pm
2018/5/29|11am - 5p