'Game of Thrones' Castle Up for Sale for £650,000

As season 8 of Game of Thrones begins, fans of the fantasy TV show have been feeling a mix of emotions. The premiere of this final season brews excitement and anticipation, yet sadness surfaces when we realise that there is one less episode left of one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Why not stay in this fantasy forever by living in a castle from the show?

Gosford Castle was the famous Riverrum for House Tully

The castle was used as Riverrun in the show

Located in Northern Ireland, Gosford Castle was used as Riverrun for House Tully in the show. It was also the backdrop of the famous Red Wedding episode as well as Robb Stark beheading Rickard Karstark. Fans of the show can probably recognise the castle from season one and season three.

The Red Wedding episode where Robb Stark and his bannermen were massacred 

Robb Stark beheading Rickard Karstark outside the castle

The castle was built by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, Achibald Acheson, in the mid-1800s and is a grade A listed building. During the Second World War, the estate was used by the military to accommodate troops.

A closer look at the castle

After the war, the Achesons sold the castle to the Ministry of Agriculture who turned the land into Godford Forest Park – Northern Ireland’s first conservation forest, in 1986. During The Troubles, an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century, the castle was utilised for military purposes once again until it became a hotel in 1983.

Gosford Castle after restoration

In 2006, Gosford Castle Development began the restoration of the property. The castle was split in 23 luxury residences of which six are currently in the listing. Each apartment is approximately 3500 sq. ft, with some offering rooftop gardens.

The Great Hall in Gosford Castle

The residences are named after famous locations in Game of Thrones – The Great Hall, The Old Keep, The Round Tower etc. The listing has already attracted hundreds of Game of Thrones fans as well as hotel groups and film production companies, with offers up to £650,000.