Microwave International New Media Arts Festival Invites Visitors to A Refreshing Sensory Experience

Most of the traditional exhibitions are organized in a way that visitors are given guidance or certain ideas about how artworks should be appreciated. Setting apart from conventional exhibitions, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival offers an offbeat experience, in which visitors are liberated from the boundary that pre-defined by curators or artists. By immersing themselves in the new media arts with the theme of "live", visitors can experience the idea of carpe diem and give their own interpretation of "live" at that moment of "now". We are going to introduce one of the exhibitors, NONOTAK Studio from France.

NONOTAK studio is a Paris-based collaborative team formed by French illustrator Noemi Schipfer and Japanese electronic musician Takami Nakamoto. They use light and sound installations to create environments with kinetic visual and complex illustrations.

Takami Nakamoto on the left and Noemi Schipfer on the right

Notable for the ethereal and dreamlike style, their works have been exhibited in STRP Biënnale, Tate Britain, TodaysArt Japan and Scopitone Festival.  


For the current exhibition in Hong Kong, NONOTAK studio presents a work called Narrow, an installation with hi-power pixel addressable LEDs in diamond configurations 4 meters each in size, 36 meters in total. With a large number of diamonds aligned over the long distance, visitors get to experience how sound penetrates your body with the aid of lighting effect.

The festival also offers a series of activities, including artist symposium, curator’s talk and screening programmes for the public. The Value is going to introduce other highlights of the exhibition. Don’t miss out!


"Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2017"

Period: 2017/10/12 - 22
2017/10/12|6:30pm - 9pm (Festival Grand Opening)
2017/10/13 - 22|12nn - 8pm
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
Location: 5 Edinburgh Place, Central
Admission fee: Free
Official Website