Tate Modern Uses Virtual Reality in Modigliani Exhibition

In the 21st Century, everyone is adapting to new technology, museums are no exception. Tate Modern partners with HTC to use virtual reality to recreate Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920)’s nudes and his world of expressionism.

Part of the collection in the exhibition

Modigliani was an Italian Jewish artist but he worked mostly in France. In 1906, he moved to Paris and met avant-garde artists like Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brancusi, who became influences to Modigliani’s paintings and sculptures.

Modigliani (left) and Pablo Picasso (in the middle) in Paris

Modigliani suffered from severe illness for most of his life and died tragically young at the age of 35. Only after that did he gain posthumous fame. This exhibition features virtual reality to bring visitors back into the early 20th century in Paris to experience what Modigliani’s life was like when he created his greatest works.

Reclining Nude

Seated Nude

Modigliani is most popular for nudes, some of which are included in this exhibition, such as Reclining Nude and Seated Nude. The former one belongs to the collection of Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) while the latter is lent by Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, making exception for reunion of the painting and its sisters.

Nu Couché

Modigliani’s nude has always been one of the most sought-after items at auction. His painting Nu Couché was sold for US$170m (with buyer’s premium) at Christie’s New York in 2015 and became the second most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. The buyer was Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian, dubbed as “the eccentric Liu”.

Part of the collection in the exhibition

Tate Modern showcases over 100 Modigliani’s artworks, including nudes, portraits and sculptures.


Tate Modern Exhibition: Modigliani

Period: 23 November 2017 – 2 April 2018
Venue: Tate Modern, London
Admission fee:
Aged 12-18│£15
Students (with valid ID)│£15
Disabled persons│£15 (plus one accompanied person)
Aged under 12│Free (up to four per family adult)
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