Exhibitions to Visit in London, Paris and New York This September

One of the top things to do when you travel is to visit local museums. However, searching for exhibitions and deciding which one to go to is definitely a challenge. To save you all the trouble, the Value has gathered all the information you would want to know about upcoming exhibitions. To start this exhibition series, we are going to introduce some exhibitions in London, Paris and New York.

1. Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire

Location: The National Gallery, London
Date: 11 June - 7 October 2018

From Bolton in England, Thomas Cole (1801-1848) was the greatest American landscape artist of his generation. This special exhibition features 58 works, including Cole's masterpiece Oxbow and his awe-inspiring portrayals of Eden showing the force of nature. The show also put alongside works by British artists with whom Cole was personally acquainted, as well as those who influenced him most, including Joseph Mallord William Turner and John Constable.

Oxbow by Thomas Cole

Destruction (The Course of Empire Series) by Thomas Cole

2. The BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2018

Location: National Portrait Gallery, London
Date: 14 June - 23 September 2018

The BP Portrait Award is the most prestigious portrait painting competition in the world. In its 39th  year, The BP Portrait Award received 2,667 entries from 88 different countries this year. The exhibition held showcases 48 works, including the four prize winners. The winning entry this year is An Angel at my Table by Miriam Escofet, a surreal portrait of an artist's mother. The second prize went to Time Traveller, Matthew Napping by Felicia Forte, a colorful portrait of the artist's boyfriend sleeping in bed.

Winner- An Angel At My Table by Miriam Escofet

Second Prize - Time Traveller, Matthew Napping by Felicia Forte

3. Through a Different Lens Stanley Kubrick Photographs

Location: Museum of the City of New York, New York
Date: 3 May - 28 October 2018

Stanley Kubrick was just 17 when he sold his first photograph to the pictorial magazine Look in 1945. Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs features more than 120 photographs by Kubrick from the Museum’s Look Magazine archive, an unparalleled collection that includes 129 photography assignments and more than 12,000 negatives from his five years as a staff photographer.

4. Obsession Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, And Picasso

Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Date: 3 July - 7 October 2018

This exhibition at The Met Breuer presents a selection of some fifty works from The Met's Scofield Thayer Collection — a collection that is best known for paintings by artists of the school of Paris, and a group of erotic and evocative watercolors, drawings, and prints by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Pablo Picasso, whose subjects, except for a handful, are nudes. The exhibition is the first time these works have been shown together, and provides a focused look at this important collection; it also marks the centenary of the deaths of Klimt and Schiele.

Erotic Scene (La Douceur) by Pablo Picasso

Two Reclining Nudes by Egon Schiele

5. Giacometti

Location: Guggenheim Museum, New York
Date: 8 June - 12 September 2018

Alberto Giacometti investigated the human figure for more than forty years. This comprehensive exhibition, a collaboration with the Fondation Giacometti in Paris, examines anew the artist’s practice and his unmistakable aesthetic vocabulary, featuring nearly 200 drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Man Pointing by Giacometti

6. Jean Cotelle: Gardens and Gods

Location: Château de Versailles, Paris
Date: 12 June - 16 September 2018

The exhibition will feature some 120 works by Jean Cotelle the Younger. Along with the large format canvases, the fifteen gouaches created by the artist, masterpieces of miniature painting, will also be displayed. Additionally, a selection of lead sculptures will be included in the exhibition to evoke the decoration of the groves which have since disappeared, in relation to Cotelle's paintings.  

Vue du bosquet du Marais ou du Chêne-Vert avec des nymphes jouant à divers by Jean Cotelle

Vue de l'intérieur du bosquet du Labyrinthe by Jean Cotelle

7. Impressionists in London, French artists in exile, 1870-1904

Location: Petit Palais, Paris
Date: 21 June - 14 October 2018

The exhibition is the first exhibition to map the connections between French and British artists, patrons and art dealers during a traumatic period in French history, telling the story of the artists who fled to Britain to escape war in France. It presents works by Monet, Tissot, Pissarro and their compatriots.

The Ball on Shipboard by James Tissot

Charging Cross Bridge, London by Camille Pissarro

8. Yu-ichi Inoue 1916-1985 - La calligraphie libérée

Location: Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, Paris
Date: 14 July - 15 September 2018  

The maison de la Culture du Japon is paying tribute to 20th-century calligrapher Yu-ichi Inoie, an iconic figure who modernized this monochromatic ancestral art. The exhibition shows some of his main works, from his earliest pieces to his final experiments, of which his single-character calligraphies, created with ink and lead pencils, are symbolics of his contemporary art.

Pin (Poor)

Ai (Love)