Giant rubber duck reunites with its buddy at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour after deflation

The crowd-drawing Double Ducks exhibition at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour took an unexpected turn on Sunday (10 June), as one of the gigantic duckie duo deflated due to the hot weather, disappointing throngs of visitors who flocked to see them under the scorching sun. 
But fear not – after undergoing meticulous reliability tests on the following day, the heat-struck duck is now revived and ready to rejoin its companion to spread "double happiness" to the city.  

As Victoria Harbour undergoes a transformative metamorphosis into a colossal bathtub, the Double Ducks will be stationed near Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section), greeting the public for about two weeks, subject to weather conditions.

One of the two giant inflatable rubber ducks at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour deflated on 10 June

S.K. Lam (left), the founder of AllRightsReserved and Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (right) at the officiating ceremony of the exhibition

“Double duck is double luck,” said the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, whose creative spark for the Rubber Duck installation originated from a world map and, of course, a rubber duck itself. 

With its monumental size and design evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia, the imaginative concept quickly captured the world's attention, leading to its incredible journey across twelve locations on four continents since 2007.

Curated by Hong Kong-based creative brand AllRightsReserved (ARR), the Rubber Duck made its unforgettable stop in Hong Kong in 2013, drawing an enormous crowd to Victoria Harbour and leaving an indelible mark on the city's artistic landscape. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Rubber Duck's visit to Hong Kong, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of ARR. As a symbol of prosperity, partnership, and friendship, the 18-meter-tall Rubber Duck returns as a duo, representing the double happiness of coming together as one – especially after three hard years of the pandemic.

The Double Ducks reunited

Double Ducks have invaded Hong Kong's MTR stations

Hong Kong MTR's Admiralty Station has been transformed as the "Double Ducks" Station

As the Rubber Ducks grace Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour once more, they continue their journey of spreading happiness and igniting conversations.

To bring art closer to the public, MTR, the city's main public transport network, has scattered quacky iconic visuals across 18 different MTR stations, including Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and more.

Making an Instagram-worthy selfie spot, MTR station Admiralty's Exit E has been transformed to be a limited-time "Double Ducks Exit", with its round-shaped ceiling window becoming a giant duck façade, gazing at the actual “Double Ducks” paddling in the harbourfront.

The Double Ducks themed tram will be waddling around Hong Kong for a month

In addition, duck-themed ferries and trams will be operating throughout June, adding a touch of whimsy to daily commutes.

As part of the exhibition, Ngong Ping 360 cable cars will also introduce duck-themed carriages, while a 2-meter-tall crystal bathtub installation will be on display at Ngong Ping Village on Lantau Island from 15 June to 3 September.