Collection from Hong Kong’s Last Hand-Painted Porcelain Factory on Display for Public Viewing

To celebrate its 90 anniversary since establishment in Kowloon City in 1928, Yuet Tung China Works, the only hand-painted porcelain factory remains in Hong Kong, presents an exhibition titled 90 Years of Hong Kong Porcelain Art — Yuet Tung China Works in Times Square. Featuring a rich collection of Canton decorated porcelain from the factory, the exhibition explores the past and future of hand-painted porcelain locally made in Hong Kong.

Developed since the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1654 - 1722) in the Qing dynasty, Canton decorated porcelain was originated from Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province. At that time, porcelain was mainly produced in Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, which is far away from the Guangzhou —  the then only commercial port to the outside world. Therefore, local painters in Guangzhou were trained to paint decorated porcelain with techniques and skills transferred from the masters in Jingdezhen. During this period, a large portion of Guangzhou porcelain ware was exported.

A plate painted for the commemoration of British royal visit in 1986 

Porcelain work painted for Hong Kong Jockey Club's 100th anniversary in 1984

Technically, Canton decorated porcelain apply over-glazed pigments containing metallic oxides on white porcelain. The paints used in Canton decorated porcelain, with a heavy texture and glossy colours, were enamel pigments developed since the reign of Yongzheng (1678-1735).  

Comparison of porcelain before and after the firing

Yuet Tung China Works has stood as a witness of the ups and downs in Hong Kong’s industrial development, and thus its products also served as a reflection on Hong Kong’s local cultural and social development over the past few decades. Before the 1960s, all porcelain manufactured in Yuet Tung was all hand-painted. Some of the popular patterns include ‘fighting roosters’, ‘Canton people’, ‘green dragons’ and ‘goldfish’, all carrying auspicious connotations.

Recreation of Canton design 'Green & Gold Nine Dragons Charger' of Qing Dynasty, hand-painted by Master Tam in 2010

Renowned for their high-quality hand-painted porcelain, Yuet Tung received orders from former Hong Kong governors Murray MacLehose and Chris Patten, as well as five-star hotels such as The Peninsula and Shangri-La.  

Plate signed by former Governor Chris Patten in 1997

A blue and white 'Hogarth' design for former Governor Murray Maclehose and Lady Maclehose, 1975

The exhibition has invited an experienced porcelain master Mr Cheung Kam-ping to demonstrate the traditional techniques of making hand-painted porcelain, showcasing the exquisite Canton decorated porcelain patterns, and bring blessings to visitors.

Other exhibits at the exhibition

'Thousand flower' saucer and tea cup, hand-painted colours on Japanese white porcelain in 1960s-1980s

Recreation of Canton design 'Floral Blossom' of Qing Dynasty, hand-painted by Master Tam in 2010

Recreation of Canton design 'Rose Medallion with People Open-Work Plate' of Qing Dynasty, hand-painted by Master Tam in 2010


90 Years of Hong Kong Porcelain Art —  Yuet Tung China Works

Dates: 2018/1/5 - 21
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free

Demonstration of making hand-painted porcelain by Mr Cheung Kam-ping
Dates: 2018/1/6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21
Time: 2pm - 2:30pm; 3pm - 3:30pm; 4pm - 4:30pm