EXCLUSIVE: Ex-CIA Agent Ironically Put James Bond Poster at His Christie’s Office

The arrest of Chun Shing Lee, former C.I.A officer suspected of spying for China, has made headlines in international media. The Value has learnt from a reliable source that Lee had travelled to the Mainland China for several business trips. Ironically, inside his currently closed office, there is a movie poster of James Bond 007.

Lee had been working as a security manager at Christie's Hong Kong for 20 months. He had travelled to places outside Hong Kong for business purposes like escorting artworks. Since Christie's has its own security guards in London and New York offices, it is very likely that Lee was assigned to trips to the Mainland China and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Christie's Hong Kong office

Lee was also responsible for the set up of security systems when Christie's opened new offices in Asia. According to a reply by Christie's, "Lee’s role was not linked to data security or IT functions at the company". Considering Lee as a professionally trained ex-CIA officer, hacking computer systems would not be a very difficult task for him.

When Lee was still working as a CIA agent, he had worked in Tokyo and Beijing. He is suspected of revealing classified information from CIA to China, which led to the devastating loss of over a dozen CIA informants being killed or imprisoned by the Chinese government.

After Lee was arrested by the FBI, his office at Christie’s Hong Kong was immediately closed and all his related information was not available from the company’s system. According to the Value’s source, there is a poster of James Bond movie — 2007 version starred by Sean Connery — hanging on the wall. The poster is similar to the one shown above. 

Golden Eye

The poster is believed to be one of the items offered at Christie’s auction in 1998. It was a sale with 270 lots of items, mostly props used from James Bond movies such as On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Golden Eye and The Spy Who Loved Me.