Collectibles of Supreme x LV Hype Up Christie’s Handbag Online Sale

In the past, handbag sales held by auction auctions were usually led by luxury fashion brand like Hermes. Yet, an emerging force has been swept the salesroom in recent years as the boundaries between streetwear and high fashion are getting blur. Supreme, started as an American skateboard shop and clothing brand, has become a synonym to for trendy, stylish collectibles that collectors and fashion lovers would like to get their hands on. One recent example is Christie’s Handbag online sale Handbags X HYPE, in which a US$125,000 Supreme x LV trunk snatched the top spot abreast of Hermès Crocodile Birkin 30.

Supreme x LV Red & White Monogram Malle Courrier 90 Trunk

Supreme x LV Red & White Monogram Malle Courrier 90 Trunk

The collaboration between Supreme and LV has caused a huge sensation in the fashion world. One of the most coveted pieces is no doubt the 2017 Louis Vuitton x Supreme Malle Courrier Trunk Monogram 90 in red, adorned with both LV and Supreme branding. The official price was reported to be US$68,500 at the time it was launched but the limited edition was not something ordinary people can get a hold of since they were mostly reserved for VIP members or celebrities. The trunk fetched US$125,000 at the present online sale at Christie's.

Another top lot of the sale was a Hermès Matte White Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin 30 with Palladium Hardware, which was also sold for US$125,000. In addition to the Supreme x LV trunk, the online sale featured other trendy collectibles including a Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine, a Supreme x Fender Stratocaster Guitar, a Rimowa x Off White Transparent Cabin Suitcase, as well as skateboards of Supreme’s collaboration with popular artists like KAWS, Damien Hirst, George Condon and Mr. etc.


Hermès Matte White Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin 30 with Palladium Hardware

Supreme x LV laptop case

Supreme x KAWS Skateboard

Items of Supreme x LV collaboration ranging from clothing, handbags, laptop cases to skateboards were offered at the sale and most of them were sold for prices far exceeding the estimate. Here are some of the highlighted lots sold.

Highlights from the sale (sorted by price realised)

Supreme x LV|A Limited Edition Red & White Monogram Malle Courrier 90 Trunk. 2017

Lot no.: 295
Size: 90 x 51 x 48cm
Estimate: US$50,000 - 60,000
Price realised: US$125,000

Supreme x Stern|Pinball Machine

Lot no.: 274
Estimate: US$30,000 - 50,000
Price realised: US$32,500

A Set of Two Signed KAWS Chum Skateboards. 2001

Lot no.: 195
Estimate: US$7,000 - 9,000
Price realised: US$32,500

A Louis Vuitton X Supreme Red Classic Monogram Skateboard. 2017

Lot no.: 252
Estimate: US$5,000 - 7,000
Price realised: US$30,000

Supreme x Everlast|Boxing Group

Lot no.: 275
Estimate: US$10,000 - 15,000
Price realised: US$17,500

Supreme x Damien Hirst|A Set of Five Skateboards. 2009

Lot no.: 219
Estimate: US$4,000 - 6,000
Price realised: US$15,000

Supreme|A Set of Five Last Supper Series Skateboards. 2002

Lot no.: 197
Estimate: US$10,000 - 15,000
Price realised: US$13,750

Supreme x Fender|A White Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Lot no.: 279
Estimate: US$3,000 - 5,000
Price realised: US$9,375

Supreme x LV|An Apparel Group

Lot no.: 283
Estimate: US$2,000 - 3,000
Price realised: US$8,750

Supreme x LV|Black Epi Leather Keepall Bandouliere 55 & Red Epi Leather Laptop Case

Lot no.: 284
Estimate: US$3,000 - 5,000
Price realised: US$8,750

Supreme x George Condo|A Set of Three George Condo Lady, Man & Superman Skateboards. 2009

Lot no.: 222
Estimate: US$3,000 - 5,000
Price realised: US$8,120

Supreme x Coleman|A Coleman CT200U Mini Bike & a Fox Racing Red v2 Helmet

Lot no.: 277
Size: 62 x 107 x 159cm
Estimate: US$3,000 - 5,000
Price realised: US$7,500

Supreme x Mr.|A Set of Skateboards. 2007

Lot no.: 209
Estimate: US$1,500 - 2,600
Price realised: US$4,000

Rimowa x Off White|A Transparent Cabin Suitcase

Lot no.: 189
Size: 37 x 50 x 21cm
Estimate: US$700 - 900
Price realised: US$1,120

Supreme | A Group of Magazines with Complete Stickers

Lot no.: 288
Estimate: US$200 – 500
Price realised: US$750

Supreme | A Group of Ashtrays

Lot no.: 290
Estimate: US$500 – 700
Price realised: US$625

Auction summary

Auction house: Christie’s New York
Online sale: Handbags & HYPE
Online bidding: 26 November – 10 December 2019
Sale total: US$2,164,875