Christie’s Hong Kong Presents The Loaded Brush Featuring Masterpieces from Private Collections

Christie’s announces the second edition of The Loaded Brush, a landmark private selling exhibition of over 30 works, featuring paintings inspired by the possibilities of the loaded brush. The exhibition will be on view at the Hong Kong Convention Centre from 24 to 27 November, including works by Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Rothko, Rembrandt and Warhol. Touching upon universal themes that explore the nature of beauty, the role of the muse in art, as well as a reflection on portraiture, this exhibition gives an unprecedented opportunity to see works of art rarely, if ever, on public view.

This curated group of paintings by many of the most celebrated artists in history come from some of the greatest private collections in the world. The scope of the exhibition reveals an ever-expanding view of art history, one that encompasses not just the masterpieces of the Western canon, but important Asian works of art in juxtaposition. For an artist, the loaded brush represents a world of possibilities and the beginning of a creative journey.

Major works to be offered:

Henri Matisse’s Jeune fille au piano

Andy Warhol’s Liz #2 [Early Colored Liz]

Pablo Picasso’s Jeune fille endormie

Mark Rothko’s No.7 (Dark Over Light)

Roy Lichtenstein’s Vicki! I – I Thought I Heard Your Voice

Other superb examples from Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell, Richard Prince, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Yan PeiMing, and Rembrandt van Rijn showcase the range of art — spanning the Old Masters, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Impressionist and Modern Art and Asian Contemporary Art departments — represented in this special exhibition. As a complement to Christie’s Hong Kong auction series, The Loaded Brush presents an invaluable opportunity to view works primarily sold in auctions in New York or London. Many of the works are for sale, with several pieces on loan from major collectors to round out the curated offering.

The Loaded Brush: A Curated Exhibition of Masterpieces From Private Collections

Exhibition period: 2017/11/24 - 27
Admission: Free
Venue: Hong Kong Convention Centre
Enquiries: +852 2978 9919