Top Art Dealer Christian Deydier Opens First Gallery in Asia

As a must-go destination for art lovers, Hollywood road in Hong Kong is best known for clusters of art and antiques stores on the street. Now there is another reason to visit Hollywood road because Christian Deydier, one of the world’s most respected dealers in Chinese art, expands his footprint in the Asia with his new gallery, which has officially landed on 123 Hollywood road, Hong Kong.

Christian Deydier Gallery in Hong Kong

The opening night attracted many collectors, art dealers and auction houses' specialists

Christian Deydier specialised in archaic Chinese bronzes

Christian Deydier

Christian Deydier was born in a family with a strong passion for Eastern art. He obtained a French university diploma in Chinese language and civilization in Paris. Then, he studied Chinese archaeology and specialized in jiaguwen, the earliest known form of Chinese writing as it appeared on oracle bones and tortoise shells in the Shang dynasty from the 13th to 12th centuries BC, at Tai Ta University in Taipei.

Christian Deydier most especially owes his renown in scholarly circles, and most particularly among Chinese archaeologists, to the work which he has carried out on Chinese bronzes and goldware, as well as to his participation in the excavation of the Tang dynasty tomb of Princess Xincheng in Xian. Regularly, since 1985, he has organized exhibitions on themes such as archaic bronzes of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, Chinese gold and silverware, etc.

As a top Asian art dealer, Christian Deydier has handled numerous rare bronzes. Last spring auction, Sotheby’s New York sold an archaic bronze ritual wine vessel (YOU) from Shang Dynasty for US$1.93m. This bronze once belonged to Christian Deydier, who bought it from distinguished Chinese antiques dealer J.T. Tai.

Karl Lagerfeld (left) and Christian Deydier (right) in the 26th Biennale des Antiquaires held at Grand Palais Paris France

Understanding Ancient Chinese Bronzes, Their Importance in Chinese Culture, Their Shapes, Functions and Motifs by Christian Deydier

Photos of Christian Deydier and Jacques Chirac, Former President of France, were put on display in the gallery

A bronze tripod ritual wine vessel, Jia, Shang dynasty

The gallery’s grand opening was attended by many collectors, art dealers, and specialists from auction house. On top of ancient Chinese artworks, the gallery also showcased jewellery pieces designed by Christian Deydier’s daughter. The most eye-catching item must be a bronze tripod ritual wine vessel, Jia (斝), from Shang dynasty.

This vessel used for warming fermented beverages is very similar to the jue (爵) but differs from it in its larger size and its lack of a pouring spout. From the upper rims of the jia’s body, which can be round or cylindrical, with a flat bottom or a round one, has two vertical protuberances surmounted by knobs arise. The vessel’s semi-circular lateral handle can sometimes be decorated with a wonderful animal head cast in the round.

The term jia 斝 is mentioned for the first time in the (The Classic of Rites of the Zhou), where a commentary by Zheng Xuan says that the jia was used by the King for making fermented beverage libations during rituals. Jia vessels appear as early as the end of the Xia dynasty. Somewere excavated from Stages III and IV tombs in the Erlitou (circa 18th – 17th/16th centuries B.C.) area.

A white marble Buddhist figure, Northern Qi dynasty

A sancai-glazed pottery figure of an equestrian, Tang dynasty

Christian Deydier gallery on Hollywood road, Hong Kong

Other amazing works of art featured on the opening night include a Tang sancai-glazed pottery figure of an equestrian and a 1.3m-tall white marble Buddhist figure, Northern Qi dynasty.