China Guardian Hong Kong Unveils Highlights of Autumn Sales 2018

After taking a short summer break, auction houses are now gearing up for the coming autumn sales. China Guardian has unveiled highlights including Qing porcelain, Ming furniture, paintings by Zhang Daqian, coloured diamonds and contemporary sculptures. Let's take a look at the exciting lineup.

China Guardian Hong Kong 2018 Viewing

Date: 8 -20 August
Opening hours: Monday to Friday|9:30am - 6pm
Period: 8 -20 August 



KAWS. 4 Foot Companion (Grey). FRP
Created in: 2007
Size: 128 x 58 x 37cm

Ju Ming. Taichi Series - Underarm Strike. Bronze sculpture
Created in: 1995
Size: 56.5 x 43 x 36.5cm

Magnificent 1.26 carat Fancy Reddish Orange Diamond and Diamond Ring
Weight: 1.26 carats

Natural Colombian Emerald and Diamond Pendent Earrings
Total weight: 47.33 carats

Natural Fancy Greenish Blue Internally Flawless Diamond, Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring
Weight: 3.01 carats

Natural Sri Lankan Unheated Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Weight: 25.45 carats

Natural Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring
Weight: 20.78 carats

A Magnificent Imperial Blue and White Ewer and Cover Qianlong Six-character Sealmark and of the Period (1735-1769)
Height: 29cm

A Fine and Extremely Rare Ge-Type “Bagua” Moonflask
Height: 49cm

A Fine Pair of Blue and White “Mandarin Ducks in Lotus Pond” Bowls
Diamater: 11.4cm

A Yellow and Russet Jade “Plantain Leaves” Vase and Cover. Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)
Height: 10.5cm

Emperor Kangxi Calligraphy in Running Script
Size: 48.5 x 117cm

Lin Fengmian. Cactus, Painted Pottery and Still Life.
Created in: 1952
Size: 68 x 68.5cm

Zhang Daqian. Landscapes.
Created in: 1975
Size: 31.8 x 40.8cm (each)

Zhang Daqian. Mountains in the Mist. Mounted for framing; ink and colour on paper
Created in: 1971
Size: 51 x 134.2cm

Yu Fei. An Vegetables. Hanging scroll; ink and colour on paper
Size: 66.5 x 31.5cm

Four Huanghuali Southern official's Hat Armchairs. Late Ming/ Early Qing Period
Size: 116 x 55 x 54.5cm

Huanghuali Waistless Daybed. Late Ming/ Early Qing Period
Size: 50 x 75 x 198cm