Bonhams New York to Auction Off Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Dr.Sylvan and Faith Golder Collection

Bonhams New York has secured over one hundred pieces of snuff bottles from the collection of Dr.Sylvan and Faith Golder, a couple who developed an interest in Chinese culture and started collecting snuff bottles since 1967. Their exquisite taste in art is reflected in their collection, which includes the leading lot for the sale - a coral ‘Kuilong’ snuff bottle.

The coral ‘Kuilong’ snuff bottle dating the 18th century is estimated to be worth US$18,000-25,000. The snuff bottle is carved in low relief with a pair of archaistic ‘Kuilong’, in variegated shades of peach to deep pink with white inclusions. This snuff bottle made of coral is delicate and fragile as it may easily be cracked when exposed to heat or strong lights, or through contact with chemical substances.

Following the coral ‘Kuilong’ snuff bottle, two lots are both estimated at US$15,000 - 25,000. The first one is a white jade snuff bottle of rectangular form, well hollowed and carved with eight bronze vessels, from 1750-1800. The subject matter of the Hundred Antiques is more usually seen on glass overlay or molded porcelain, less common on white jade.

Another one is an enameled glass ‘lotus’ snuff bottle from Qianlong period, decorated with lotus leaves, pods and flowers with a trio of enamelled imperial marks – Guyue Xuan, Shang Shang and Qianlong nianzhi mark. The Golders purchased this snuff bottle from Dr.Walter Langsam, former President of the University of Cincinnati.


Highest-estimated lots

A Coral ‘Kuilong’ Snuff Bottle. 18th Century.

Lot no.: 9042
Height: 5.8cm
Provenance: John Ford Associates.1979.
Estimate: US$18,000 - 25,000

A White Jade ‘Bronze Ritual Vessels’ Snuff Bottle. 1750-1800.

Lot no.: 9000
Height: 6.8cm

  • Asian Art Studio.2005.
  • Fu Ming Fair Antiques

Estimate: US$15,000 - 25,000

 An Enameled Glass ‘Lotus’ Snuff Bottle. Imperial, Qianlong Mark and of the Period.

Lot no.9020
Height: 5.5cm
Provenance: Dr. Walter Langsom Collection
Estimate: US$15,000 - 25,000


Auction details

Auction house: Bonhams New York
Sale: The Dr.Sylvan and Faith Golder Collection of Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles
Sale no.: 24661
No. of lots: 126
Previewing: 2017/9/7 - 10|10am - 5pm
Auction: 2017/9/11|10am