Whimsical Jewellery Pieces to Look Out For This Autumn Auction

Elegant, feminine and classic. These are words that we immediately think of when we talk about jewels. Yet, they can also be playful and fun. For anyone looking for something more unique and special, Bonhams presents a selection of whimsical jewellery pieces in Hong Kong this November. Paul Redmayne, Head of Sale, Jewellery, Bonhams Hong Kong, shows us some highlights, including an elephant ring that spans two fingers, a spider sapphire brooch, and chameleon diamonds that change colours.

Paul Redmayne, Head of Sale, Jewellery, Bonhams Hong Kong

The chameleon diamonds are in darker tone before they change colours

The chameleon diamonds become lighter after they change colours

Chameleon Diamonds and Diamond Necklace
HK$1,600,000 - 3,000,000

Redmayne: Star of the show - a very rare Chameleon diamond necklace. You’ve got nine Chameleon diamonds. The largest of which is 4.02 carats, the smallest of which is 0.7 carat. GIA decided that this was rare, special and unique enough for them to provide a Portrait. So it comes with an accompanying book with all the certificates.

The beauty of Chameleon Diamond is that very little is known about them. So, they remain an enigma. They remain a mystery. They will change colour dependent on light, heat and the combination. When we take this out from the safe this morning, the safe is a lot cooler, pitch black. We open it up and we bring it to daylight. We look at the stones, they are very dark. And gradually, it takes a couple of hours. Then the stones warm up and they become a lot lighter.

This is the largest collection of Chameleon diamonds ever brought to auction, 13 carats. It’s not enormous but Chameleon diamonds are never huge. A lot of them are green diamonds and yellow diamonds. They occupy that space in the olive green and yellow. That’s how the colour changes.

Star Sapphire Novelty Brooch
HK$55,000 - 85,00

Redmayne: One of my favourites, the Spider. This is crafted in white gold, unsigned. Here we have a star sapphire. We got a six-point asterism coming out of here. This is about 4.80 carats. You’ve got some pavé diamonds sat around that. It’s a pin. It’s a brooch. You can wear it in your tie. Lady can wear it on your lapel. It’s cute and it’s fun. And this is HK$55,000.

Emerald & Diamond Novelty Ring and Pendant
HK$90,000 - 150,000

Redmayne: Moving on, something a little more whimsical and fun. We have the elephant ring. This actually spans two fingers. Pinkie goes through there; second finger goes through there. It’s about a 6-carat emerald on the back. And this is sold as a two-piece lot. We got a 2-carat emerald here, sold together.

For me, the appeal is this ring. The way that the trunk goes around. They have a little ruby for the eye, the ears are made in yellow gold. You’ve got white gold, and a little emerald in the tail. The low estimate for this set of two-piece lot is HK$90,000.

Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring
HK$130,000 - 200,000

Redmayne: This is a 1.82-carat Kashmir sapphire. This one is super interesting because the mine is in Kashmir. Stones were first discovered there in the late 1870s, early 1880s. Workers worked the mines night and day during the summer months. Then there was a pause. They mined everything. Things disappeared for a while. Then the area was continued to be mined sporadically until late 1920s, early 1930s. But they would never recreate the glory days of the 1880s.



Kashmir sapphire mines

So the best stones came from the 1880s, that initial period. Collectors today are very keen on Kashmir, for the rarity, the scarcity and the colour. This is an absolutely striking example of a Kashmir. And it’s relatively inexpensive. We have this for HK$130,000, low estimate. It’s a wonderful example of a beautiful, unheated sapphire.

In our next article, we are going to show you jewellery pieces from Cartier and Bulgari, two leading jewel makers in the industry. Please stay tuned. 

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Jewels & Jadeite
Hong Kong
25 November 2018