Bonhams Launches "January Jewels" Campaign to Reveal True Value of Your Jewellery

It’s time to take out all little-worn or inherited jewellery from your family heirlooms. To kick off its January Jewels, Bonhams is launching a campaign to help owners understand the worth of their jewellery and guide them on achieving the best prices if they decide to sell.

Coloured diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds have seen fierce price rises over the past decade. Comparing prices achieved at auction against those a decade ago, there is a 970 percent price increase for sapphires; a 1,100 percent increase for rubies and a 1,900 percent price increase for emeralds.

Coloured diamonds are the most coveted type on the list of top 10 hot jewels. Jewellery from the post-war era (1945-1975) has also risen by 89 percent during the same period.

Such rises mean many owners may be sitting on jewellery they rarely wear or may have inherited that is worth far more than they realize.

As a result, Bonhams is launching a global campaign – January Jewels – to help people establish if they have a piece of value. It has set up a dedicated webpage where it is possible to communicate directly with a jewellery specialist. Jewellery owners can upload a picture of their jewellery to help Bonhams’ experts ahead of a valuation meeting, which will be taking place at various locations.

Bonhams is also holding an Open House for free and confidential jewellery valuations in Hong Kong every Wednesday from 10am to 5pm throughout January, February and March. For those who are interested, please feel free to go to its gallery located at Suite 2001, One Pacific Place.