Hans Christian Andersen’s Handwritten Poem Sold for RMB 149,500

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling”. These are children’s stories written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Besides his most-remembered fairy tales, Anderson was also a poet. One of his poems was offered at Manuscripts and Autographs at China Guardian in Beijing.

Hans Christian Andersen

The poem was handwritten in Danish by H.C. Anderson on a sheet of light blue paper. The poem consists of 3 verses, 12 lines. The poem can be translated into “From the countries of Northh Sea/ Flew over deep waters/ You came to Denmark beaches/ Where gold on the field grows;”

 “Here You in Beech Hall/ Often heard the nightingale/ And swallow at roof/ Symbol of faith, should live.”

“In swallow back beautifully located/ God Cupid, dressed as a knight/ Do you understand the chirping of birds/ A greeting -! What? And where!”

The Manor House Basnæs in Zealand that H.C. Andersen visited 37 times during 1855-1872

It is a birthday-poem written on Basnæs to Agnes Dunlop (1830-1908) for her 27th birthday. She was a daughter of the plantation-owner John Baltazar Dunlop and was until her marriage to Michael Rosing Lady’s Companion at Mrs. Scavenius på Basnæs. This poem was first printed after H.C. Andersen passed away.


Handwritten letter by Hans Christian Andersen

Lot no.: 6256
Created on: 16 October, 1857
Estimate: RMB 40,000 - 80,000
Price realized: RMB 149,500

Auction Summary
Auction house: China Guardian Beijing
Sale: Manuscripts and Autographs
Auction date: 2017/12/19
Sale total: RMB 6,598,700
Lots offered: 118
Sold: 77
Unsold: 41
Average price per lot: RMB 85,697
Sell-through rate: 65%
(All prices realized have included buyer’s premium unless otherwise specified)