Creative Works Inspired by Banksy’s US$1.3m Shredded Artwork

Following Banksy’s the latest headline-grabbing stunt, his shredded ‘Girl with Balloon’ is given a new name ‘Love is in the Bin’ and became the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction. It inspired many art followers and designers to create their own versions. We have selected some of our favourites here.

TBWA/ANG senior creative Richard Agius posted a picture on Instagram of a box of McDonald’s fries slipping through a frame and being shredded.

Austria’s DDB Vienna presented their own interpretation with a modern and minimalist design.

Perrier also posted a video on its Instagram account showing a can of Perrier tied with a lemon balloon was being shredded, with a caption ‘No need to break the bank for a work of art’.

IKEA made a version of a do-it yourself piece of art, showing a frame, poster and scissors with their price tags while questioning what the potential value of its version would be.

Spanish design shop Kaikoo Studio made this one and posted on its Instagram account. It was uploaded with a caption ‘It’s not all about money,’ followed by a middle figure emoji and #Banksy.

Finland's Tax Administration also created one.

Mexican creative Cindy Guzmán paid tribute to the timeless masterpiece – Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

This is from Ireland's brand of supermarket chain Lidl

JCDecaux had an outdoor advertising promoting, taking reference from the shredded artwork

This is Banksy’s 'Love is in the Bin' that inspired the above creation