Baby Trump Balloon Flying to the US After Its Appearance in London

US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK has caused much controversy. Besides the outrage sparked by the President's disrespectful manner towards the Queen, a giant ‘Baby Trump’ balloon has also made headlines over these days. Launched by protesters to welcome Trump to London, this artwork will soon appear in America to meet him again. 

The 6-metre-tall (236 inch) balloon based on Trump’s looks with some of his signature traits. The blimp has the President’s yellowish blonde hair that is always swept to the side, his slightly orange face with white under eye circles, as well as the phone that the President cannot tweet without. The balloon wears a diaper, signifying people’s dissatisfaction against his way of administration.

Designed by protestors in the UK, the blimp represents their criticism of the American President. They think that Trump is unreasonable and lacks conscience so reasoning with him would be a waste of time. Therefore, they chose to create this piece of artwork to be sarcastic towards the President.

Photoshopped pictures are everyone’s favourites

The ‘Baby Trump’ balloon flew over the London skies as Trump met with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Protestors gathered and demonstrated against the President on social issues such as racism, sexism and immigration policies. ‘Baby Trump’ was the centre of the crowd and became the highlight of the show.

Although Trump has returned to the States, it doesn't mean he can get rid of the ‘Baby Trump’ blimp. Activists in America has raised enough money to buy and ship more than three Trump blimps to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the President spends many summer weekends.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London being interviewed on ITV

Piers Morgan 'blasted' Khan in the interview

We can take the perspective of outsiders and see this incident as a joke. However, the balloon has ignited much heated dicussion from both the people of the US and the UK. Before the protest, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, was ‘slammed’ by TV presenter Piers Morgan in his interview on ITV’s ‘Good Morning London’, criticising the Mayor’s decision on allowing the balloon to fly during Trump’s visit.

Morgan asked two questions, first, if the former President Obama was visiting and the crowds had decided to fly a 'giant, black baby of Obama’ wearing a diaper, would Khan agree on the decision. Second, if Londoners were against Khan and wanted to fly a ‘Khan’ balloon depicting him as a pig, would he allow this (Khan is Muslim and using ‘pig’ to describe him would be an insult to his religion).

A political comic inspired by the 'Baby Trump' balloon|Andy Marlette

Khan’s response was that if the demonstration was 'safe and peaceful', he would give his permission. He said, 'I can't be the censor. It's not for me to decide what's in good taste or in bad taste.' Khan spoke in terms of politics, yet when we think about art, who has the right to censor and who doesn't?