Raffle Opens Now - Limited-Edition Teapot Set Designed by Japanese Artist Ayako Rokkaku

The “next Nara Yoshitomo,” as some put it, young Japanese artist Ayako Rokkaku is taking her signature doe-eyed girl to a limited-edition teapot set, in collaboration once again with AllRightsReserved, a Hong Kong-based creative studio.

The online raffle is open now until January 11, at 12am (EST)/ 1pm (HKT) on DDT Store website, for the 225 lucky individuals to get their hands on the exquisite set, priced at US$3,500 (HK$27,480).

“Tea set” by Ayako Rokkaku | US$3,500 (HK$27,480)

Signed and numbered

Dimensions: 175 x 450 x 292mm (wooden outer box)


The teapot set includes one teapot, four tea cups, and three tea pets of The Girl, The Rabbit, and Three Brothers. Handcrafted with dark brown boccaro, each set is signed and numbered. The manga-style girl jumps out of the canvas and leads one on a zen-filled tea appreciation journey, accompanied by the adorable tea pets.


Closer looks at the teapot set


The young, self-taught artist is known for her unique painterly technique of applying acrylic paint directly to canvases or cardboards with her bare hands. From the vivid color palette to animals that jump out of story books, Rokkaku’s works create a wonderland that is both uplifting and inspiring. 

The emerging artist made her appearance at Geisai, an art fair for up-and-coming artists in Tokyo since 2003 and was the winner of the Scout Award twice. Since then, her creative works are seen internationally in exhibitions, such as VOLTA in Basel in 2006, and a large solo exhibition in Kunsthal Museum in the Netherlands in 2011. Rokkaku’st most recent showcase is the “Magic Hand” exhibition in her hometown of Chiba in Japan, running until January 11, 2021.


Ayako Rokkaku (B. 1982)

The painter's previous collaboration with AllRightsReserved - a limited-edition ceramic stool, sold for US$9,000 each


Rokkaku’st works first appeared at auction in Tokyo in 2007, and her current record was recently set at NT$11,760,000 (US$412,632), by The Sisters, measured 130.5 x 162 cm, auctioned off at Ravenel Taipei.


The Sisters, 2007 | acrylic on canvas

Sold for NT$11,760,000 (US$412,632) at Ravenel Taipei, December 2020

“Tea set” raffle registration details:

Dates: Now until January 11, 2021

Time: 12am (EST) | 1pm (HKT)

Website: ddtstore.com

Successful entrants will be notified via email by January 11 with purchase details. Shipping begins from May 2021, subject to delay due to COVID-19.