Bankrupt Air Berlin to Sell off Everything at Its Insolvency Auction in Hamburg

For aviation enthusiasts who have ever desired of possessing their own pieces of something from aircraft, from coffee mugs to aircraft seats to trolleys, here comes a good opportunity. German airline Air Berlin is holding its bankruptcy auction to sell off everything from its inventory.

Air Berlin's final flight was given a water cannon salute

Staff gathered in front of the last Air Berlin flight

Air Berlin was founded in 1978 and later became Germany's second largest airline. After years of losses, Air Berlin filed for insolvency on 15 August 2017 and ceased operations on 27 October 2017 with a net debt of almost 1.2 billion. German airliner Lufthansa took over parts of Air Berlin after receiving permission from the EU in December.

Model airplane

Aircraft seat


Amenity kits


Air Berlin is selling its inventory in an attempt to pay off its unpaid bills with the auction's proceeds. Items up for sale include amenity kits, model airplanes, umbrellas, decoration and wonder bags etc. Among all lots offered, trolleys that each carrying an opening bid of €90 have seen strong interest from bidders who have pushed the bids up to more than €1,000.

Chocolate hearts, made by Lindt & Sprüngli

Deco bear

Entire batches of Air Berlin chocolate hearts, made by Lindt & Sprüngli, are also being auctioned. The bidding of each batch, consisting of 100 chocolate hearts, starts at €20. The highest bid has so far reached €330. The bidding of a deco bear has also jumped from €1,500 to its latest bid of €5,000.

Car Smart FORTWO Coupe 1.0.

Coffee Mug

Decorative tail

The insolvency auction for Air Berlin is held online through Dechow Auction in Hamburg, closing on 1 February at 9 a.m. local time. Anyone interested in getting a piece of Air Berlin can join the online bidding here.